Radiohead vs. Unknown Artist - Idiohead + Radioteque EP [2008]

Nacionalidad: UK
Estilo: D n' B, Liquid Funk
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Vinyl, 12", Unofficial Release, 45 RPM.

Song List :

A. Radiohead vs. Unknown Artist - Idiohead [RMX] [05:13]
AA. Radiohead vs. Unknown Artist - Radioteque [RMX] [05:48]



Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion [2009]

Nacionalidad: UK
Estilo: Indie, Electronic, Experimental, Rock
DSTG: Panda Bear
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 128Kbps.

Tuesday night, a few dozen journalists and fortunate fans braved inclement weather to get a first listen to Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion, due January 20th on Domino Records. On first listen, the band’s eighth studio album proved less linear and immediately accessible than last year’s Strawberry Jam, and more in line with their recent, more atmospheric Water Curses EP.
Merriweather is the soundtrack for the ultimate hippie/ambient tribal dance party, a giddy, freewheeling, psychedelic beast of an album, full of big beats, trippy drones and glistening synths dancing around the band’s rich, reverb-drenched, fugue-like vocal layers. (That’s the album’s equally tripped-out cover above.) From opening track “In the Flowers,” where dreamy swirls of guitar explode into an avalanche of battering-ram percussion, to closing cut “Brother Sport,” whose sunny vocals and gleeful synthesizers skitter across syncopated grooves before mutating into minimalist ambient-house, this is an album of endless sonic surprises. While tracks like the low-key “No More Runnin’ ” are more conventionally song-oriented, the focus here is on constantly shifting textures and moods, like the central riff of “Daily Routine,” which sounds like a bowling ball being thrown for a strike across the keys of an organ, or the moment on “Guys Eyes” that suggests nothing so much as a backwards loop of a piano being dropped from the roof of a monastery.

Song List :

1. "In the Flowers" – 5:22
2. "My Girls" – 5:41
3. "Also Frightened" – 5:14
4. "Summertime Clothes" – 4:30
5. "Daily Routine" – 5:46
6. "Bluish" – 5:14
7. "Guys Eyes" – 4:31
8. "Taste" – 3:53
9. "Lion in a Coma" – 4:12
10. "No More Runnin'" – 4:23
11. "Brothersport" – 5:59



REWIND: Rockin’ Drum & Bass [SAB 27 / 08 ]

REWIND cierra el año con una edicion espectacular y un invitado de lujo!

Se trata de DJ LINK, quien viene directamente desde Sao Paulo, Brasil, a hacerte bailar a tí!

DJ LINK es la nueva promesa del Drum & Bass en Brasil, con ya años de en las pistas, se coronó como el DJ Revelación 2008 en el importantisimo festival “Spirit of London” frente a más de 50.000 personas! (ver video)

Además un super Warm up desde Inglaterra con DJ SIDEM, que presentará lo último en DUBSTEP, este nuevo estilo que está haciendo estragos en el viejo continente!

La noche será cerrada por nuestro mago del Drum & Bass! DJ THEEGO, quen te prenderá hasta que no quede una gota de sudor en tu cuerpo! Satisfacción garantizada!

Además toda la parafernalia, luces, lasers, y muchas sorpresas…. nunca te hemos decepcionado… y esta no será la primera vez!

es la última REWIND DEL AÑO!!


[OST] Skins TV Series [2007]

Nacionalidad: U.K
Estilo: Indie,Dn'B,Break,Dubstep,Garage,Noise
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 196Kbps.

The Dawson Bros claim the series represents the everyday lives of adolescents: Skins revolves around the lives of a group of 16–19 year-old friends who live in Bristol and attend the fictional Roundview Sixth Form College. Each episode has a self-contained theme and focuses on a different character, although several story arcs span different episodes. Accompanying the episode title at the beginning of each episode is a short montage of that episode's central character. The show follows each generation of characters for two series.

Song List :

1. Fat Segal - Skins Theme Tune
2. Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control (Soulwax Mix)
3. Bloc Party - Positive Tension
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Date With The Night
5. Adam & The Ants - Prince Charming
6. Archie Bronson Outfit - Dart For My Sweetheart
7. The Earlies - Kelly Brown
8. Dj Shadow - Mongrel... Meets His Maker
9. Tricky - Hell Is Around The Corner
10. Skream - Colourful
11. Broken Family Band - It's All Over
12. Roots Manuva - Witness The Fitness
13. The Hives - No Pun Intended
14. The Fall - Totally Wired
15. John Martyn - May You Never
16. Shuggie Otis - Aht Uh Mi Hed
17. Broadcast - Hammer Without A Master
18. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - You Look Great When I'm Fucked Up
19. Sid (Mike_bailey) - Wild World

Download Part 1

Download Part 2


Shy FX & T Power - Diary Of A Digital Soundboy [2005]

Nacionalidad: UK
Estilo: Dn'B
DSTG: Commmix, Pendulum
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Duo of two longstanding and well-respected drum and bass producers, arguably best known for their breakthrough single "Shake Ur Body". Their collaborations mostly tend to veer towards the poppier end of the spectrum while still retaining their underground sensibilities.

Song List :

1 Shy FX & T Power Feelings (4:47)
2 Shy FX On The Run (4:22)
Producer [Additional] - T.Power
Vocals - David Boomah
Written-By - David Williams (14)
3 Shy FX Don't Rush (4:16)
Vocals - Di , Kat Francois
Written-By - Dianna Joseph*
4 Shy FX & T Power Everyday (4:13)
Vocals - Top Cat
5 Shy FX & T Power Rock The Boat (3:52)
Vocals - Di
Written-By - Dianna Joseph*
6 Shy FX & T Power Lover's Rock (5:30)
Vocals - Yush
7 T.Power Mercy (4:44)
Arranged By, Producer [Additional] - Shy FX
8 Shy FX & T Power Sheets (4:57)
Vocals - Noel Mccoy
Written-By - Isley Brothers, The
9 Shy FX & T Power Unavailable (3:47)
Vocals - Di
Written-By - Dianna Joseph*
10T.Power Delta VIP (5:31)
Arranged By - Shy FX
Mixed By - T.Power


The Best of DnB Vol1 [ - ]

Nacionalidad: -
Estilo: Drum n' Bass
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

Compilation of Drum And Brass. Da Yuke's Selection.

Song List :

01 - dj hype - ready or not (jungle mix)
02 - DJ Krust - Warhead (Ram Trilogy Remix)
03 - .Incredible - [ M BEAT Featuring General Levy (Radio Edit,New Mix) ]
04 - Pulp Fiction (Alex Reece & DJ Hype) - World of Drum n Bass E
05 - Aphrodite - See Thru It (feat. Wildflower)
06 - APHRODITE - Jeru the Damaja (Dillinja Remix)
07 - Blade II - Soundtrack - 06 - Cypress Hill & Roni Size - Child Of The West
08 - Aphrodite - Ganja Man (feat. Deadly Hunta)
09 - Freestylers-Grooverider_Vocal_Mix
10 - 114-adam_f-greatest_of_all_time_feat._ll_cool_j_(ray_keith_vip_remix)-prt
11 - APHRODITE - Rock The Funky Beat
12 - Dj_Marky_-_Calhambeque
13 - (02) Adam F Feat. M.O.P - Stand Clear
14 - Dj Wildchild feat. MC Skibadee - Is That You
15 - DJ MARCIANO DRUM N' BASS 2004 c28



Nigul - Un Cas Estrany [2008]

Nacionalidad: Spain
Estilo: Dark Abstract, Experimental
DSTG: Tangerine Dream
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

After the monumental and epic "Pedra, Sang" released at Khaos Ex Machina. Nigul presents a compact album following a straight path across dark ambient electronica.
In "Un cas estrany" makes a turning point on Nigul Project. This time Nigul's sound becomes more synthetic, getting to the point and keeping a narrow structure of drones and small and hidden melodies.
The listenning of this 9 track album becomes a dense journey through obscure ambiences spoted with reverbered micro objects floating on a claustrophobic space.

Song List :

1 Un Diumenge Estrany (3:50)
2 La Mà Transparent (2:44)
3 Partícules Subatòmiques (4:19)
4 Un Ascensor D'Hospital Infinit (4:29)
5 Al Diumenge Següent (3:55)
6 Visita Al Cel Dels Gats (3:47)
7 Deixaré El Llum Encès (3:49)
8 El Conill (2:34)
9 Hivernacle (2:45)


Jan Felipe - Abril [2008]

Nacionalidad: Brasil
Estilo: Triphop, synth
DSTG: Radiohead, Portishead
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.

Jan Felipe is a French-Brazilian artist hailing from Rio de Janeiro and - believe it or not - this is his very first release. He records all his songs alone, on his computer with a basic setup. Jan Felipe plays the guitar and bass and the rest is virtual instruments or synths. Jan Felipe's melancholic pop songs with Portuguese and French vocals are influenced by a wide variety of artists ranging from Indie-Rock over Trip-Hop artists to Brazilian composers. Imagine a virtual supergroup made up of Jeff Buckley, Portishead, Radiohead, Elliot Smith, Björk, Chico Buarque, Emilie Simon, Los Hermanos, Camille and Massive Attack and you get a picture of the unique Jan Felipe sound.

Song List :

1. Outros desenhos
2. Uma tarde inteira
3. A la derive
4. Quelques souvenirs
5. Abril
6. Como sera


Matamoros - Puritama [2008]

Nacionalidad: Chile
Estilo: Minimal, IDM
DSTG: Modul
Formato: MP3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

In this production, Matamoros show to us a work inspired in San pedro de atacama's enviroment, creating soundscapes of puritama's hot baths in a instrospectiv & psychoactiv way.

Song List :

1 Min (3:16)
2 Camanchaca (4:57)
3 Salar Del Carmen (5:42)
4 Puritama (8:27)



Pársec - El baile de las moléculas [2008]

Nacionalidad: Spain
Estilo: Electronic, IDM, Abstract
DSTG: Modul
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.

“El baile de las moléculas” gives name to the new work of Pársec, in which is already their second job published in escala, just a year after of their debut with “Biorretro”. Tracks so intimists and evocatives as Buckyesferas or Curvatures does show us the complex framework neuronal what lives in the heads of these of zaragonzanos artists that the sonorous experimentation does their main ally. They also include a pair rhythmic cuts than it confirms the variety of composite registrations of this duet and, on the other way, an audiovisual piece from Orencio Boix under the name of Extracapsular… What else?

Song List :

1.- Buckyesferas.
2.- Curvaturas.
3.- Party cuántico.
4.- Nanotubos.
5.- The dance of the amoeba.



REWIND presenta a MJAZZY desde Brasil ! [Sab. 29.11]

REWIND vuelve en una machacante nueva edición con un invitado de lujo desde el pais “Verde Amarelo”.

Se trata de mister MJAZZY, integrante del trio MALOCA DUB y fundador de GREVE DRUM & BASS. Recientemente lanzado bajo el sello BEATMASTERS RECORDS del exitoso duo paulista DRUMAGICK, viene a Chile como parte su tour latinoamericano, para lanzar en la pista de Cinearte Alameda, “RIVER”, su nuevo 12″.

Prometemos una sesión muy prendida con Drum & Bass de todos los sabores y muy bien sazonados!

También contaaremos con la presencia de nuestro joker favorito THEEGO, presentará su nuevo set “BALANCE”, un viaje de de claro a oscuro por las diferentes sendas del Drum & Bass, que incluirá tracks exclusivos presentados en “THE REWIND SHOW!”

Mas entrada la noche MJAZZY VS THEEGO se unirán en un historico BACK 2 BACK, donde mezclarán sus tracks favoritos en una batalla en la que el unico ganador serás tú!

Todo esto amenizado por el increible MC PAB, quien no sólo te prenderá con sus rimas, si no que también se montará en los platos para deleitarte con una sesión de precalentamiento llena de clasicos del Drum & Bass!!

No podriamos olvidarnos de las visuales, el duo trasandino “Flash Attack” hará que tus pupilas se dilaten al maximo con su nuevo set de animacon en 2 y 3Dimensiones, simplemente alucinante!

Llegó la primavera, y tus cuerpo te piden Drum & Bass!

REWIND: Regalando Drum & Bass desde 2006!





$2.500 ANTES DE LA 1!
$3.000 DESPUES


Rudebot - OxohYanh [2008]

Nacionalidad: España
Estilo: D n'B, Glitch
DSTG: DjShadow, Commmix
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

OxohYanh is a rare bug invented by Rodrigo Fernández Nielfa a.k.a. Rudebot, in his debut like producer… and the best of all is that we have the luck in escala to receive this fucking brilliant work. In this time, we expand the stylistic spectrum with a proposal more attractive, fresh and various in its conception. First work of this youth from Madrid that moves along the most devastating rhythms of the glitch or the drum´n´bass and the pleasant and dreamiest experimentation, leaving time to his own personal delirious. All a demonstration of good flavor and wisdom that does not leave place to doubts that we are in front a new value of the electronics music.

Song List :

1.- 01 Lords of Madness.
2.- 002 Overclockers.
3.- 0003 Artifacts.
4.- 00004 Mr. V.
5.- 000005 Sen sen no sen.
6.- 0000006 Radiofobia 26/04/86 Ucrania 1:23h (HFDamp feat. Rudebot).
7.- 00000007 Pixel Shared.



Random Movement - Her Song [EP, 2008]

Nacionalidad: UK
Estilo: Drum n' Bass
DSTG: Shy fx
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 207Kbps.

The sound of Random Movement is a bit difficult to describe. Samples stand out from a wide variety of old soul/funk/dub/jazz albums, and the overall style of production, writing and orchestration definitely reflects that. The music feels like a hot beach at sunset, like that small club you used to go to back in the day that has long since shut its doors, like the good memories of how things used to be. Deep rolling basslines, good swingin breaks, and 10 tons of soul--Definitely a source of that feel-good vibe. One word seems to get tossed around alot to describe the Random Movement drum and bass sound, and that word is ---DEEP---.

Song List :

A Her Song
B The Things You Do
C Psychedelic Drainpipe
D A Good Start Is Saying No



Swayzak - Dirty Dancing [2002]

Nacionalidad: Germany
Estilo: House, Synth-pop, Minimal
DSTG: Modul, Licuadora System
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Being a huge fan of the Swayzak duo I was totally shocked when I heard this. Trashy synth-pop with very little innovation and awful lyrics. Quite far from the minimalism which Swayzak has been associated with or even quality synth-pop like Fischerspooner, Adult, Felix or DMX Krew. The change in orientation shouldn't have been a surprise - the Himawari release already pointed in this direction, altough it still retained a great deal of Swayzak trademark quality and style which went totally missing here. The only track worth mentioning is "I Dance Alone", but it is far too litle to justify purchasing this album. It would have been better if they had released this under another name and said: "This is our more commercial side. An experiment, really, just for fun". However, it looks as though I'm alone on this one.

Song List :

01 Make Up Your Mind (4:44)
Vocals - Clair Dietrich
02 Buffalo Seven (5:12)
Vocals - Kotai
03 In The Car Crash (6:10)
Vocals - Headgear
04 Celcius (5:52)
05 I Dance Alone (4:26)
Vocals - ADULT. , Carl A. Finlow
06 The Punk Era (3:55)
07 Halfway To Yesterday (3:12)
Vocals - March 21*
08 Take My Hand (4:34)
Vocals - Swayzak
09 Sob 1 (6:13)
Vocals - Clair Dietrich , Swayzak
10 Ping Pong (7:21)



Recue - Between Stations [2006]

Nacionalidad: Canada
Estilo: Electronic, IDM, Ambient, Dub
DSTG: Tangerine Dreams(In this years)
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 224Kbps.

Between Stations is the long anticipated debut EP from Recue (Riku Annala). Already known by some through his live performances with Bad Loop and here at One with his recent remix for If:Then:Goto, the interest in a solo release has been building up for awhile. We're the lucky ones who bring it to you.

Heavy and equal elements of ambient, dub, idm, and techno are present in Recue's sound. Rhythms trip around and over strong melodies that together carry a persistent groove along currents of bass and ragged arpeggios. Sublime and sombre introspective moments are here as well - such as the drowned bass of 'Silversands', the melodic ambience of 'Between Stations', and the enamoring guest-vocals of Jobie on the lush 'Come away with me'.

Song List :

1 Himanka (5:26)
2 Silversands (7:28)
3 Lumino (5:04)
4 Orchard Rd. (6:20)
5 Between Stations (3:00)
6 Come Away With Me (4:14)



4Mal Pres. Square Coil - Static Noise [2007]

Nacionalidad: Uk
Estilo: Electronic, Progressive House
DSTG: Licuadora System
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Song List :

1 Static Noise (Original Mix) (6:22)

2 Static Noise (Matt Rowan & Jaytech Remix) (6:36)
Remix - Jaytech , Matt Rowan
Remix [Credited To], Producer [Additional] - James Cayzer , Matt Rowan

3 Static Noise (Steve May's Still Sound Mix) (9:13)
Remix, Producer [Additional] - Steve May


Gorje Hewek - Sur-Dramatic Nature [2007]

Nacionalidad: Russia
Estilo: Deep House, Minimal, Ambient
DSTG: Modul, Dreamlogic
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.

In one pocket a music book with a pencil, in other a digital dictophone; on the one hand tool acoustics, with another sated by sounds from an environment - the size "four quarters".

Song List :

1 At The Cafe (2:48)
2 Monta Sight (6:36)
3 Sudden Care (6:13)
4 That In It (5:42)



Modul - Directions [2007]

Nacionalidad: Russia
Estilo: Deep House, Minimal, Ambient
DSTG: Killaheartz
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.

Modul is an electronic music project from Krasnodar, Russia. It consists of three persons: Evgeny Shchukin, Evgeny Fomin and Alexander Tochilkin. Since 2003 the collective is engaged in creation of electronic music in different directions: from "home electronics" to various dance compositions and also live shows. The symbiosis of tuneful idm, pieces of classical electronica and modern rhythms is a distinguishing feature of Modul. Creating productions the band uses both analog and digital equipment, as well as acoustic instruments and self-designed devices. The members consider, that contemporary musician must competently combine various facilities, use all available resources and not confine to a certain bound of one musical style. Modul is a delicate balance between complexed and coloured, simple and insipid, a compound construction of many original parts.

Song List :

1 Floating June (2:44)
2 Mauna Interpretation (8:01)
3 Tea 22 (Travel Journal Rework) (7:02)
4 Wokka Directions (5:43)
5 Unfreezed (1:56)



MISTiCAL* - The Eleventh Hour [2007]

Nacionalidad: UK
Estilo: Drum n' Bass
DSTG: High Contrast, Dj Bailey, Calibre
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 224Kbps.

Overall this is a mixed bag and yet the highlights are so blindingly good that it is worth getting for these alone. Memory Jog is the kind of track that strikes me to the core of why electronic and dance music define my listening taste for the past decade. Sheer exuberance, delight, intensity and complexity. The drum and bass elements are subtle and intelligent enough to work for a diverse crowd. I felt let down by the stumbling bass and rap that opens this disc but overall this is a class act and I would snap up a new disc. Check the marcus intalex fabriclive 35 for further intelligent and life-affirming electronica.

Song List :

1 The Eleventh Hour (4:08)
Vocals [Featuring] - DRS
2 Mistical Soulution (5:10)
Vocals [Featuring] - Ras T-Weed
3 Time To Fly (6:17)
4 Groove Me (6:47)
5 Natasha (3:45)
6 Amen Electric (6:01)
7 Stay Away (6:20)
Vocals [Featuring] - Diane Charlemagne
8 Losing Ground (6:18)
9 City Life (5:23)
Vocals [Featuring] - DRS
10 Secret Love (4:54)
Vocals [Featuring] - Basil Clarke
11 Add Break (1:50)
12 Eject (5:36)
13 Memory Jog (7:17)
14 Believe (5:37)
Vocals [Featuring] - Robert Owens
15 Natasha Outro (1:16)



Chase & Status - More Than Alot [2008]

Nacionalidad: UK
Estilo: Drum n' Bass
DSTG: Hight Contrast, Pendulum
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

More Than Alot does not simply contain a fistful of explosive D'n'B hits for you to bounce around to: it is far more adventurous in its scope and vision. The album includes intelligent, liquid forms of the genre, a smash hip-hop hit and even some well-seasoned dubstep treats. After the gentle introduction of 'Can’t Get Enough', the thrillingly satirical 'Music Club' judders out of the darkness at a sickening pace with horns blaring. It is incredible that this is followed by 'Against All Odds', and thankfully, it has nothing to do with Phil Collins, as C & S sample the Incredible Bongo Band’s 'Apache' break and recruit London’s emcee Kano into the mix; this, for me, means that C & S have created the UK hip-hop smash of the year.

Song List :

1 Cant Get Enough
2 Music Club
3 Against All Odds
Featuring - Kano (4)
4 Streetlife
Featuring - Takura
5 Smash TV
6 Pieces
Featuring - Plan B (4)
7 Eastern Jam
8 Foundation Skit
9 Take Me Away
10 Hurt You
11 Running
12 Take U There
Featuring - Digga (7)
13 Is It Worth It



(V.A) C1 - Señales [EP,2008]

Nacionalidad: Mexico
Estilo: Electronic, IDM
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 216Kbps.

Cyan makes its start with a great micro-compilation named ,Señales', containing exclusive tracks by mexican artists Fax, Planktonman, Karras, and Antena, plus Daniel Fritschi from Germany.
This first MP3 release gives a small view of the music you can expect on Cyan Recs. We really hope you like the music.

Song List :

01 Step Aside Daniel Fritschi | 5:21
02 Mirar por la ventana Antena | 5:22
03 Alcatraz Karras | 5:04
04 Sauzal Planktonman | 4:43
05 Abordo Fax | 6:00



Explosions in the Sky - The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place [2003]

Nacionalidad: Austin, Texas.US
Estilo: PostRock, Art-Rock
DSTG: Bark Psychosis, Wire
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 160Kbps.

The album continues the patterns of the previous albums, with brooding, ominous melodies building into crashing climaxes. It has generally received positive reviews from the public, with a rating of 85%--or Universal Acclaim--at Metacritic.
From an interview on "Slice of the shiny" Munaf said The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place was EITS's "attempt at love songs".
"Your Hand In Mine" was adapted for inclusion in the Friday Night Lights soundtrack, along with other original material written for the movie. The song was shortened from its album length of over eight minutes to just over four, and was embellished with string accompaniment.
"The Only Moment We Were Alone" was featured in commercials for the 2008 film Australia.

Song List :

1. "First Breath After Coma" – 9:33
2. "The Only Moment We Were Alone" – 10:14
3. "Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean" – 8:43
4. "Memorial" – 8:50
5. "Your Hand in Mine" – 8:17



Venetian Snares - The Chocolate Wheelchair Album [2003]

Nacionalidad: Winnipeg, Canada
Estilo: Breakcore
DSTG: Bong Ra
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

This is by far VS' greatest compositional accomplishment, bar "Rossz" (a completely different style altogether). Putting really great mixing and production (for it's time) behind odd time signatures, like 5/4s and 7/4s, and a truly crossover style blending ragga, jazz, "classic" (80's rock) drum n bass, and even things so far stylistically removed (though conceptually related) as ska-punk (see Track 01: Abomonation Street, for which he sampled X-Ray Spex' "Oh Bondage Up Yours!"). All of this is crammed into great dance record, which is party focussed without letting the technically minded down, and creating a great "best of both worlds" release for those who appreciate both glitch and breakcore.

Song List :

1 Abomination Street (4:22)
2 Too Young (3:02)
3 Langside (3:52)
4 Einstein-Rosen Bridge (3:36)
5 Hand Throw (5:03)
6 Epidermis (4:42)
7 Ghetto Body Buddy (4:46)
8 Sky Painted On Car (5:15)
9 Marty's Tardis (9:17)
10 Herbie Goes Ballistic (5:13)


Xome - Sushi [2000]

Nacionalidad: San Francisco, California, US
Estilo: Harsh Noise, Experimental
DSTG: Merzbow, Kylie Minoise
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

This is a CD-R release of a previosly released cassette. CD-Rs are more fun. See what it's like in a world full of busy salespeople and hear the sounds that they hear. Don't show your pastor this one. Wonderful yet oh so silly packaging with confusing toy suprises inside and harsh mucky-muck on the inside. A lot of fun.

Song List :

1.Globe (1:23)
2.Matsutoya Yumi (3:47)
3.Stargazing (3:57)
4.Special Guided Tour (3:48)
5.Speed (1:30)
6.X Japan (3:53)
7.Aikawa Nanase (1:07)
8.Hammermill (3:30)
9.Umi No Hi (2:29)
10.Naomi Shower (2:43)



Cut City - Exit Decades [2007]

Nacionalidad: Sweden
Estilo: Indie rock, Post-Punk Revival
DSTG: Franz Ferdinand
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Cut City formed in 2002 around the local Deleted Art label, sort of the swedish counter-part to U.S. art-punk imprints like Three One G and Tapes Records. In May 2005 they issued a 4-song EP on the California-based Gold Standard Labs label and in February 2007, they released their debut album, Exit Decades.

Song List :

01 Like Ashes Like Millions
02 Manoeuvers
03 Numb Boys
04 Anticipation
05 Damaged
06 Such Verve
07 Rival Trial
08 Just Pornography (For M.E.)
09 The Dull Miles (Exit Decades)



M. G. Bufi - Homeless Hero EP [2008]

Nacionalidad: Mexico
Estilo: Electronic, Letouch
DSTG: Justice
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

Es incalculable la cantidad de artistas que empezaron a hacer música imitando a sus héroes, versionando sus canciones o retomando sus ideas. Podríamos preguntarle a Bob Dylan por Pete Seeger, a Robert Smith por Jimi Hendrix o a Teenage Fanclub por The Byrds y Big Star, por ejemplo. Pero es que ya lo ha dicho el gran Billy Childish en más de una ocasión, el único valor del arte es que inspire a otras personas. Mateo González Bufi ha encontrado las musas en el sonido retrofuturista del French Touch, la escena electrónica francesa que desde finales de los 90 se ha convertido en marca de calidad. No lo oculta, incluso lo muestra con orgullo, como evidencia la remézcla del “Rock 1” de Cassius que se puede escuchar (y descargar) en su MySpace. En “Homeless Hero EP” da nuevos bríos a ideas que ya hemos visto en discos de otros artistas, pero con gusto y golpes de personalidad. El mejor ejemplo es la canción que le da título, con ese bajo magnético y esos momentos de distensión con melodías dulces entrecortadas. Pero también tiene buen pulso para construir techno-pop más ortodoxo, como muestra “We Begin”.

Song List :

01 - We Begin
02 - Like A Child
03 - Make It Over
04 - Homeless Hero



Set @ Pink Pony Party (Live 2007)

Lugar: Paris, Francia
Estilo: Electronic, Downtempo
DSTG: DaftPunk
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 160Kbps.

Justice are playin' Genesis and then Waters Of Nazareth from their new album "Cross" @ Pink Pony Party (Sinkkasten - Frankfurt/Main) on 23.06.2007

Song List :

01. Justice - Genesis
02. Justice - Waters of Nazareth
03. Bobmo - Back To the Bobmobile
04. Outlander - The Vamp
05. Goose - Bring It On (MSTRKRFT & JFK Remix)
06. Proxy - Destroy
07. Mbg & Sds - New Jack
08. Technotronic - Pump up the Jam
09. Zongamin - Bongo Song
10. Tepr - Minuit Jacuzzi (datA Remix)
11. Scissor Sisters - I Don’t Feel Like Dancing (Teenage Bad Girl Mix)
12. Justice - Let there be Light / I-Robots - Frau (Acapella)
13. Daft Punk - Crescendolls (Unknown Mix)
14. Klaxons - Gravitys Rainbow (Soulwax Remix)
15. K.I.M - Wet 'n' Wild (Midnight Juggernauts)
16. Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Mstrkrft Remix)
17. Midnight Juggernauts - Shadows
18. SebastiAn - Ross Ross Ross
19. Justice - Phantom II
20. M People - Movin on Up
21. Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive (SebastiAn Remix)
22. Klaxons - Interzone To Golden Skans (So Me Remix)
23. Justice vs. Simian - Never Be Alone
24. Para One - Dudun Dun (Mstrkrft Remix)

Download Part I

Download Part II


Venetian Snares - Songs About My Cats [2001]

Nacionalidad: Canada
Estilo: Breakcore
DSTG: Igorrr, Hecate, DjHidden
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

This was the first Venetian Snares album I ever heard, and it is what got me hooked. From the first track, "Chinaski", with its soothing pads and organs decimated by complex glitchy beats, the album is a sublime mix of IDM, dissonance, jazz influences and just pure harshness, as in "Breakfast Time for Baboons" and "Fluff Master". All of the tracks have something unique about them, from the just plain weird hallucination-reminiscent "Nepetalactone" to the annoy-your-neighbours "Pouncelciot" with its heavy vocoded snares and cacophonous saxophones. All in all, this is one of Venetian Snares' best albums, if not the absolute best. Granted, it's not to everyone's taste due to its constant assault of high pitched noise, glitch and abuse of natural instruments (there is a faint obsession with piano throughout). If you're into abstract music or Venetian Snares in general, you have to give this a listen.

Song List :

1 Chinaski (4:21)
2 Katzesorge Part 1 (0:51)
3 Nepetalactone (4:27)
4 Zoor Kakarookee (6:04)
5 For Bertha Rand (2:08)
6 Breakfast Time For Baboons (3:24)
7 Fluff Master (6:12)
8 Bobo (3:56)
9 Katzesorge Part 2 (0:51)
10 Pouncelciot (3:10)
Saxophone - Mark Kaminsky
11 Kakenrooken Stivlobits (4:43)
12 Lioness (2:04)
13 Cleaning Each Other (3:51)
14 Look (0:31)



Justice - Planisphere [2008]

Nacionalidad: France
Estilo: Electronic, Downtempo
DSTG: Daft Punk
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 128Kbps.

So here it is, I know you’ve all been waiting for this. The official release (not live rip) of Justice’s Dior Homme mix titled Planisphere. Great quality, basically like a new Justice EP! Definitely has the Justice sound, but a little bit of experimentation with different sounds and even a guitar solo. Check it out.

Song List :

1.Planisphere (Part 1)
2.Planisphere (Part 2)
3.Planisphere (Part 3)
4.Planisphere (Part 4)