Ed Banger Records Vol.3 [2008]

Nacionalidad: -
Estilo: Electro, French house, IDM
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Ed Rec Vol. 3 is a compilation in the Ed Banger Records annual compilation series. It was released on the 26th of May 2008.[1] The compilation is available as an unmixed CD, a gatefold LP and a 6x12" vinyl boxset which also includes the unmixed CD version.

Song List :

1. Mr. Oizo - "Yves"
2. Busy P (featuring MURS) - "To Protect and Entertain"
3. Mr. Flash - "Over The Top"
4. SebastiAn - "Dog"
5. Uffie - "Robot Oeuf"
6. Justice - "Stress (Auto Remix)"
7. Mr. Oizo - "Minuteman's Pulse"
8. DJ Mehdi - "Pocket Piano"
9. Krazy Baldhead - "No Cow, No Pow"
10. DSL - "Find Me In The World"
11. Feadz (featuring Spank Rock) - "Back It Up"
12. So Me - "Decalcomania"



Einstürzende Neubauten- Halber Mensch [1985]

Nacionalidad: Netherlands
Estilo:Electronic, Industrial, Experimental
DSTG: Nitzer Ebb, Cabaret Voltaire
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

Halber Mensch (English: “Half Man”) is the third studio album by Einstürzende Neubauten. Some Bizzare Records released the album in 1985 (see 1985 in music). In 2003, after a continuous conflict with “Some Bizzare Records”, the band released a remastered reissue of this album with another version of the cover.
Halber Mensch shows further development of Einstürzende Neubauten's sound. The group shows a wider artistic range, incorporating elements of electronic dance music in “Yü-Gung (Fütter mein Ego)” and performing the title track (nearly) a cappella. The group also expands their dynamic range: Blixa Bargeld's voice in “Seele brennt” suddenly switches from a barely-audible whisper to a high-pitched scream, while quiet bass guitar overtones float over relatively restrained percussion in “Letztes Biest (am Himmel)”.

Song List :

A1 Halber Mensch
A2 Yü-Gung (Fütter Mein Ego)
A3 Trinklied
A4 Z. N. S.
B1 Seele Brennt
B2 Sehnsucht (Zitternd)
B3 Der Tod Ist Ein Dandy
B4 Letztes Biest (Am Himmel)


DJ Bailey - Studio Tape No 1 [1992]

Nacionalidad: London, UK
Estilo: D'nB
DSTG: Dj Marky
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 128Kbps.

Bailey's passion first and foremost lies in being the best Selecta possible. He lives the life of a 100% DJ with a record collection that goes from early electro on up to the latest release lining his bedroom walls.

Always having been a DJ rather than a producer, Bailey is one of a select few that managed to climb to the very top of the dnb ladder without the help of production credits.

Bailey is a Metalheadz resident DJ of over 10 years, an award winning radio host (1Xtra BBC), a label owner (Intasound), A&R assistant for Goldie’s new label (Rufige) and is increasing a high profile as a producer with releases under his belt on Full Cycle, Metalheadz and soon for A Guy Called Gerald’s new imprint called Protechshon.

Song List :

1. '92 Studio Tape No 1 94:45





Una vez más, ha llegado el momento de revelar los secretos de lo que será la próxima SUPER edición de REWIND: Rockin’ Drum & Bass!
Prometemos un lineup impecable para una noche suprema con sonidos 100% nuevos!

Por primera vez en REWIND presentamos a DJ Diego MC (Valparaiso), quien nos zambullirá en las profundidades del DUBSTEP y el Liquid Funk en un Warm Up que dará de hablár!

Luego de un choque de manos, llega el turno de DJ Roach, recien llegado de Londres con más de alguna novedad en su case de discos, que asegura alimentar tu sinapsis con lo más fino y vanguardista de la movida Drum & Bass!

Pasadas las 3 de la mañana, cuando las luces comienzan a tomar otro color, será hora de ponerse el camuflage, porque DJ TheEgo incendiará las instalaciones del Cinearte Alameda con nuevos sonidos y su particular carisma!

Como maestro de ceremonia tendremos a uno de los más talentosos MC del país, MC CHICO CLAUDIO, quien no solo acompañara los beats de nuestros feroces artilleros (llamense DJs también), sino que robarse el show con sus particulares Beat Boxes e interludios…

además de …Lasers, luces, parafernalia, chicas lindas, chicos guapos, la mejor música y esa energía única e indescriptible que nos ha hecho tu fiesta favorita!






Alameda 139, Pza. Italia, Santiago.

$2.500 hasta la 1 (se recomienda llegar temprano)
$3.000 después


Venetian Snares - Higgins ultra low track glue funk hits 1972 - 2006 [2002]

Nacionalidad: UK
Estilo: Breakcore
DSTG: Igorrr, Bong Ra
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.

This release is an absolute masterpice of electronic music. It has harsh amened out beats in odd time signatures that Snares is renowned for, but with a more IDM feel than previous releases in my opinion. There is even a pair of downtempo tracks which showcase an entirely different side of Aaron Funk. The record is a testament to VSnares' production prowess, his stunning originality, and his ability to incorporate a vast array of styles and genres into one cohesive whole. A classic that will make it into the history books for sure.

Song List :

A1 Dance Like You're Selling Nails (6:18)
Saxophone - Mark Kaminsky
Vocals - Jo Apps
A2 Banana Seat Girl (4:01)
B1 Fuck Off (1:11)
B2 Make Ronnie Rocket (6:12)
B3 Vokeheads (5:39)
C1 Deadman DJ (5:05)
C2 Cobra Commander (4:44)
C3 Walmer Side (5:04)
D1 Dismantling Five Years (6:19)
D2 We Are Oceans (6:28)



Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough [2001]

Nacionalidad: US
Estilo: Electronic, IDM
DSTG: Autechre
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

At last the full-length Telefon album has arrived and it is everything I had hoped for and more. In between scoring the film 'New Port South' for John and James Hughes, Charles Cooper and Joshua Eustis managed to crank out this fantastic blend of complex electronica and acoustic mellowness that proved to be sheer music to my ears. The album starts with the title track 'Fahrenheit Fair Enough', a mid-tempo excursion of lovely harmonies, warm tones, and a seemingly endless stream of rapidly spitting blips and bleeps. Excellent panning techniques and expert pattern fusions add to the professional sound and production present throughout this release, maintaining tight control and refreshing consistency. 'TTV' brings the tempo a little lower, with more addictive blips and bleeps, timely moments of glitch, and gentle, balmy tones. 'Lotus Above Water' starts out low with a leisurely melody and perfectly builds an embracing envelope of electronic creaks, reverberating guitars strums, and light beats. Very beautiful. 'John Thomas on the Inside is Nothing but Foam' gets down to some of TTA's acoustic talents, with pattering drums, snare retorts, bass guitar, and ample changes in the subtle electronic make-up of the track. It's obvious that Josh and Charles spent a great deal of time and effort to make this album virtually perfect, for there isn't even the slightest blemish throughout the entire release. Savath + Savalas and Lusine icl come to mind at this point, however I'm reluctant to make those comparisons for this album certainly has a personality all its own. 'Life is All About Taking Things In and Putting Things Out' is a slow piano number, very effectively adding a fleeting mood of melancholy to the album. 'Your Face Reminds Me of When I was Old' develops slowly, with a variety of sounds and effects sprinkling the backdrop of a translucent current of mellow tones and a struggling beat. The song builds gradually, allowing pending patterns to take shape as simple melodies inject a mysterious persona into the mix. 'What's the Use of Feet if You Haven't Got Legs?' utilizes smearing bleeps and panning glitch, with sharp, broken beats and a video game soundtrack circling the measured harmonies as they unfold. Delicious creaks ignite new sounds, projecting them back from the surface patterns as echoing clacks and clicks retort their approval. A combination of claps, snares, cymbals, cowbells, and stuttering beats float throughout 'Introductory Nomenclature' while a spacey indistinct loop lingers behind warm bass movements and glitchy reversal effects. 'Fahrenheit Fair Away' levels off the album with a minimal beat/cymbal combination led by a simple piano loop ultimately fading out to the conclusion of this wonderful masterpiece. The high accessibility factors present throughout this release and the fond return to a more electronic sound makes this an excellent addition to the Hefty catalog. Despite the disappointingly short length of this release (41 minutes to be precise), it would be difficult for me to recall a more perfect album this year. Cooper and Eustis have produced a smooth and dreamy collection of aural artwork, meant to be considered intently and absorbed abundantly. With a brilliant combination of complex but mature electronic elements, tinged with a subtle jazzy/lounge flavor, Cooper and Eustis manage to arrange all these ingredients perfectly into a highly enjoyable and richly rewarding creation. There are so many appealing elements on 'Fahrenheit Fair Enough', it's difficult to describe them adequately in words, however I would find it hard to imagine anyone being disappointed by this magnificent album.

Song List :

01 Fahrenheit Fair Enough (6:40)
02 TTV (3:33)
03 Lotus Above Water (3:33)
04 John Thomas On The Inside Is Nothing But Foam (5:15)
05 Life Is All About Taking Things In And Putting Things Out (4:45)
06 Your Face Reminds Me Of When I Was Old (6:55)
07 What's The Use Of Feet If You Haven't Got Legs? (4:15)
08 Introductory Nomenclature (4:38)
09 Fahrenheit Far Away (1:22)


Telefon Tel Aviv - Map Of What Is Effortless [2004]

Nacionalidad: US
Estilo:Breakbeat, Abstract, IDM, Downtempo
DSTG: Autchre
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.

At the time of its release in 2001, the liquid, jazz-inflected electronic of Telefon Tel Aviv's Fahrenheit Fair Enough provided welcome respite from IDM's relentlessly brittle and increasingly boring routine. Steeped in the same burbling warmth that defined Scott Herren's pre-Barcelona output as Savath & Savalas, Fahrenheit politely suggested a new direction that electronic music might take, one that relied as heavily on the Rhodes as it did the Cubase VST. Although it wasn't a radical approach, it was enough to differentiate Telefon's languid post-rock from the digital drill bit sounds buzzing out from every other 18 year-old's laptop. Temporarily, anyway. Three years is an eternity in electronic music's timeline; certainly more than enough to expose the inherent limitations in making chillout music for a subset that defined themselves by never going out much to begin with. In 2004, more of Telefon's once-novel blend of digital squiggles and organic arrangements would seem passe, a little late to its own party. So, rather than scale back the soul in their electronic music, Tel Aviv's Joshua Eustis and Charles Cooper downsize the electronic in their soul, in the process adding two singers and re-emerging as a sort of twerkier Zero .

Song List :

1 When It Happens It Moves All By Itself (3:28)
2 I Lied (5:53)
Vocals - Damon Aaron
3 My Week Beats Your Year (4:09)
Drums - Kevin Duneman
Vocals - Lindsay Anderson
4 Bubble And Spike (3:59)
Vocals - Lindsay Anderson
5 Map Of What Is Effortless (5:23)
Guitar - Turk Dietrich
6 Nothing Is Worth Losing That (5:07)
Drums - Kevin Duneman
Flute - Wendell Harrison
Guitar [Slide], Guitar - Fredo Nogueira*
Vocals - Damon Aaron
7 What It Is Without The Hand That Wields It (6:15)
8 What It Was Will Never Again (4:16)
Vocals - Lindsay Anderson
9 At The Edge Of The World You Will Still Float (6:45)
Drums - Kevin Duneman
Guitar - Turk Dietrich
Vocals - Damon Aaron



Venetian Snares - Infolepsy EP [2004]

Nacionalidad: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Estilo: Breakcore, Dn'B
DSTG:Bong-Ra, Speedranch, Doormouse
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.

"Twelve" samples sesame street's number song. it's from the pinball animation song where the ball rolls around and singers from the seventies count up to twelve all groovy-like. and of course, "Where's Bill" takes some dopeass sword clashes as well as chopped up vocal snippets of Uma Thurman from Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill .another classic...

Song List :

A1 Twelve (2:22)
A2 Where's Bill? (5:09)
A3 Absolute Smakatrosmic (3:34)
B1 Americanized (5:39)
B2 Punishing2004 (4:26)


Death In Vegas - The Contino Sessions [1999]

Nacionalidad: UK
Estilo: Electronic, Rock
DSTG: Kasabian
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 128Kbps.

Former London club DJ Richard Fearless (now working with Tim Holmes) returns for a follow-up to 1997's 'Dead Elvis.' Guest vocals are provided by Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream), Jim Reid (Jesus And Mary Chain), Dot Allison (One Dove) and Iggy Pop.

Song List :

1 Dirge (5:43)
2 Soul Auctioneer (6:00)
3 Death Threat (4:49)
4 Flying (7:06)
5 Aisha (5:53)
6 Lever Street (3:38)
7 Aladdin's Story (4:44)
8 Broken Little Sister (5:19)
9 Neptune City (4:43)