Radiohead vs. Unknown Artist - Idiohead + Radioteque EP [2008]

Nacionalidad: UK
Estilo: D n' B, Liquid Funk
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Vinyl, 12", Unofficial Release, 45 RPM.

Song List :

A. Radiohead vs. Unknown Artist - Idiohead [RMX] [05:13]
AA. Radiohead vs. Unknown Artist - Radioteque [RMX] [05:48]



Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion [2009]

Nacionalidad: UK
Estilo: Indie, Electronic, Experimental, Rock
DSTG: Panda Bear
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 128Kbps.

Tuesday night, a few dozen journalists and fortunate fans braved inclement weather to get a first listen to Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion, due January 20th on Domino Records. On first listen, the band’s eighth studio album proved less linear and immediately accessible than last year’s Strawberry Jam, and more in line with their recent, more atmospheric Water Curses EP.
Merriweather is the soundtrack for the ultimate hippie/ambient tribal dance party, a giddy, freewheeling, psychedelic beast of an album, full of big beats, trippy drones and glistening synths dancing around the band’s rich, reverb-drenched, fugue-like vocal layers. (That’s the album’s equally tripped-out cover above.) From opening track “In the Flowers,” where dreamy swirls of guitar explode into an avalanche of battering-ram percussion, to closing cut “Brother Sport,” whose sunny vocals and gleeful synthesizers skitter across syncopated grooves before mutating into minimalist ambient-house, this is an album of endless sonic surprises. While tracks like the low-key “No More Runnin’ ” are more conventionally song-oriented, the focus here is on constantly shifting textures and moods, like the central riff of “Daily Routine,” which sounds like a bowling ball being thrown for a strike across the keys of an organ, or the moment on “Guys Eyes” that suggests nothing so much as a backwards loop of a piano being dropped from the roof of a monastery.

Song List :

1. "In the Flowers" – 5:22
2. "My Girls" – 5:41
3. "Also Frightened" – 5:14
4. "Summertime Clothes" – 4:30
5. "Daily Routine" – 5:46
6. "Bluish" – 5:14
7. "Guys Eyes" – 4:31
8. "Taste" – 3:53
9. "Lion in a Coma" – 4:12
10. "No More Runnin'" – 4:23
11. "Brothersport" – 5:59



REWIND: Rockin’ Drum & Bass [SAB 27 / 08 ]

REWIND cierra el año con una edicion espectacular y un invitado de lujo!

Se trata de DJ LINK, quien viene directamente desde Sao Paulo, Brasil, a hacerte bailar a tí!

DJ LINK es la nueva promesa del Drum & Bass en Brasil, con ya años de en las pistas, se coronó como el DJ Revelación 2008 en el importantisimo festival “Spirit of London” frente a más de 50.000 personas! (ver video)

Además un super Warm up desde Inglaterra con DJ SIDEM, que presentará lo último en DUBSTEP, este nuevo estilo que está haciendo estragos en el viejo continente!

La noche será cerrada por nuestro mago del Drum & Bass! DJ THEEGO, quen te prenderá hasta que no quede una gota de sudor en tu cuerpo! Satisfacción garantizada!

Además toda la parafernalia, luces, lasers, y muchas sorpresas…. nunca te hemos decepcionado… y esta no será la primera vez!

es la última REWIND DEL AÑO!!


[OST] Skins TV Series [2007]

Nacionalidad: U.K
Estilo: Indie,Dn'B,Break,Dubstep,Garage,Noise
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 196Kbps.

The Dawson Bros claim the series represents the everyday lives of adolescents: Skins revolves around the lives of a group of 16–19 year-old friends who live in Bristol and attend the fictional Roundview Sixth Form College. Each episode has a self-contained theme and focuses on a different character, although several story arcs span different episodes. Accompanying the episode title at the beginning of each episode is a short montage of that episode's central character. The show follows each generation of characters for two series.

Song List :

1. Fat Segal - Skins Theme Tune
2. Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control (Soulwax Mix)
3. Bloc Party - Positive Tension
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Date With The Night
5. Adam & The Ants - Prince Charming
6. Archie Bronson Outfit - Dart For My Sweetheart
7. The Earlies - Kelly Brown
8. Dj Shadow - Mongrel... Meets His Maker
9. Tricky - Hell Is Around The Corner
10. Skream - Colourful
11. Broken Family Band - It's All Over
12. Roots Manuva - Witness The Fitness
13. The Hives - No Pun Intended
14. The Fall - Totally Wired
15. John Martyn - May You Never
16. Shuggie Otis - Aht Uh Mi Hed
17. Broadcast - Hammer Without A Master
18. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - You Look Great When I'm Fucked Up
19. Sid (Mike_bailey) - Wild World

Download Part 1

Download Part 2


Shy FX & T Power - Diary Of A Digital Soundboy [2005]

Nacionalidad: UK
Estilo: Dn'B
DSTG: Commmix, Pendulum
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Duo of two longstanding and well-respected drum and bass producers, arguably best known for their breakthrough single "Shake Ur Body". Their collaborations mostly tend to veer towards the poppier end of the spectrum while still retaining their underground sensibilities.

Song List :

1 Shy FX & T Power Feelings (4:47)
2 Shy FX On The Run (4:22)
Producer [Additional] - T.Power
Vocals - David Boomah
Written-By - David Williams (14)
3 Shy FX Don't Rush (4:16)
Vocals - Di , Kat Francois
Written-By - Dianna Joseph*
4 Shy FX & T Power Everyday (4:13)
Vocals - Top Cat
5 Shy FX & T Power Rock The Boat (3:52)
Vocals - Di
Written-By - Dianna Joseph*
6 Shy FX & T Power Lover's Rock (5:30)
Vocals - Yush
7 T.Power Mercy (4:44)
Arranged By, Producer [Additional] - Shy FX
8 Shy FX & T Power Sheets (4:57)
Vocals - Noel Mccoy
Written-By - Isley Brothers, The
9 Shy FX & T Power Unavailable (3:47)
Vocals - Di
Written-By - Dianna Joseph*
10T.Power Delta VIP (5:31)
Arranged By - Shy FX
Mixed By - T.Power


The Best of DnB Vol1 [ - ]

Nacionalidad: -
Estilo: Drum n' Bass
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

Compilation of Drum And Brass. Da Yuke's Selection.

Song List :

01 - dj hype - ready or not (jungle mix)
02 - DJ Krust - Warhead (Ram Trilogy Remix)
03 - .Incredible - [ M BEAT Featuring General Levy (Radio Edit,New Mix) ]
04 - Pulp Fiction (Alex Reece & DJ Hype) - World of Drum n Bass E
05 - Aphrodite - See Thru It (feat. Wildflower)
06 - APHRODITE - Jeru the Damaja (Dillinja Remix)
07 - Blade II - Soundtrack - 06 - Cypress Hill & Roni Size - Child Of The West
08 - Aphrodite - Ganja Man (feat. Deadly Hunta)
09 - Freestylers-Grooverider_Vocal_Mix
10 - 114-adam_f-greatest_of_all_time_feat._ll_cool_j_(ray_keith_vip_remix)-prt
11 - APHRODITE - Rock The Funky Beat
12 - Dj_Marky_-_Calhambeque
13 - (02) Adam F Feat. M.O.P - Stand Clear
14 - Dj Wildchild feat. MC Skibadee - Is That You
15 - DJ MARCIANO DRUM N' BASS 2004 c28



Nigul - Un Cas Estrany [2008]

Nacionalidad: Spain
Estilo: Dark Abstract, Experimental
DSTG: Tangerine Dream
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

After the monumental and epic "Pedra, Sang" released at Khaos Ex Machina. Nigul presents a compact album following a straight path across dark ambient electronica.
In "Un cas estrany" makes a turning point on Nigul Project. This time Nigul's sound becomes more synthetic, getting to the point and keeping a narrow structure of drones and small and hidden melodies.
The listenning of this 9 track album becomes a dense journey through obscure ambiences spoted with reverbered micro objects floating on a claustrophobic space.

Song List :

1 Un Diumenge Estrany (3:50)
2 La Mà Transparent (2:44)
3 Partícules Subatòmiques (4:19)
4 Un Ascensor D'Hospital Infinit (4:29)
5 Al Diumenge Següent (3:55)
6 Visita Al Cel Dels Gats (3:47)
7 Deixaré El Llum Encès (3:49)
8 El Conill (2:34)
9 Hivernacle (2:45)


Jan Felipe - Abril [2008]

Nacionalidad: Brasil
Estilo: Triphop, synth
DSTG: Radiohead, Portishead
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.

Jan Felipe is a French-Brazilian artist hailing from Rio de Janeiro and - believe it or not - this is his very first release. He records all his songs alone, on his computer with a basic setup. Jan Felipe plays the guitar and bass and the rest is virtual instruments or synths. Jan Felipe's melancholic pop songs with Portuguese and French vocals are influenced by a wide variety of artists ranging from Indie-Rock over Trip-Hop artists to Brazilian composers. Imagine a virtual supergroup made up of Jeff Buckley, Portishead, Radiohead, Elliot Smith, Björk, Chico Buarque, Emilie Simon, Los Hermanos, Camille and Massive Attack and you get a picture of the unique Jan Felipe sound.

Song List :

1. Outros desenhos
2. Uma tarde inteira
3. A la derive
4. Quelques souvenirs
5. Abril
6. Como sera


Matamoros - Puritama [2008]

Nacionalidad: Chile
Estilo: Minimal, IDM
DSTG: Modul
Formato: MP3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

In this production, Matamoros show to us a work inspired in San pedro de atacama's enviroment, creating soundscapes of puritama's hot baths in a instrospectiv & psychoactiv way.

Song List :

1 Min (3:16)
2 Camanchaca (4:57)
3 Salar Del Carmen (5:42)
4 Puritama (8:27)



Pársec - El baile de las moléculas [2008]

Nacionalidad: Spain
Estilo: Electronic, IDM, Abstract
DSTG: Modul
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.

“El baile de las moléculas” gives name to the new work of Pársec, in which is already their second job published in escala, just a year after of their debut with “Biorretro”. Tracks so intimists and evocatives as Buckyesferas or Curvatures does show us the complex framework neuronal what lives in the heads of these of zaragonzanos artists that the sonorous experimentation does their main ally. They also include a pair rhythmic cuts than it confirms the variety of composite registrations of this duet and, on the other way, an audiovisual piece from Orencio Boix under the name of Extracapsular… What else?

Song List :

1.- Buckyesferas.
2.- Curvaturas.
3.- Party cuántico.
4.- Nanotubos.
5.- The dance of the amoeba.