Atom Heart - Repetetive Digital Noise [Vinyl, 1992]

Country: Germany
Style: Acid, Minimal, Techno
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Rare Atom Heart tracks from 1992, with Tetsu Inoue. "18th release on Recognition, label run from Warsaw, Poland by Jacek Sienkiewicz, is a rare and special one. For the first time available on vinyl, there are four tracks recorded more than a decade ago by the mysterious 'I'. This was one of the many aliases of Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom Heart, Senor Coconut, Lisa Carbon...) and a CD released in 1992, titled Repetitive Digital Noise was a major influence on Jacek's sound. Simple, minimal, rough, but careful, haunting and hypnotic, here are four tracks of stripped-down, hallucinogenic, acidic techno, sounding as fresh as years ago. As Recognition releases aim to be equally timeless, this is a perfect moment to refresh what's in the very roots of modern electronic dance music. Tracks were remastered by Atom Heart in Chile this year especially for this limited release."

Track listing :




Prefuse 73 - Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives [2001]

Country: UK
Style: Breaks, IDM, Broken Beat, Hip Hop
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Prefuse 73 uses the human voice as an instrument and is though following the ideas of human beatbox. Stuttered rap voices whom are sampled from a record by putting down the needele on the record randomly. The result is not experimental at all but fresh groovin´ tunes with that special extra. If Autechre are subliminal hiphop, Prefuse 73 brings the nerdy harddisk-rock of Autechre back to the streets.

Track listing :

A1 Radio Attack
A2 Nuno
A3 Life Death
Featuring - Mikah 9
B1 Point To B
B2 Five Minutes Away
B3 Living Life
Featuring - Rec Center
B4 Eve Of Dextruction
C1 Last Night
Featuring - Sam Prekop
C2 Cliché Intro
C3 Back In Time
C4 Hot Winter's Day
D1 Black List
Featuring - Aesop Rock , MF Doom
D2 Untitled
Featuring - Dose One
D3 Afternoon Love In
D4 7th Message

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Herbert - Bodily Functions [2001]

Country: Germany
Style: Deep House, Downtempo, Experimental
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Brilliant! Normally I can't stand house music, but Herbert always comes through with something intelligent and tasteful that you can sit and listen to with headphones.
The album features samples of household sounds, a Herbert trademark. His collaboration with Matmos has led him to include medical samples (laser eye surgery) and body sounds, like the sampled sound of blood flowing through M.C. Schmidt's veins.
However creepy this may all sound, these songs are lush and beautiful. Dani Siciliano's singing reminds me a bit of Siouxsie's vocals with the Creatures. The lyrics themselves are a bit vague but definitely better than the "love will save the day" nonsense that house divas generally belt out.
Highly recommended.

Track listing :

1 You're Unknown To Me (2:13)
Clarinet [Bass], Arranged By [Wind] - Peter Wraight
Percussion - Sunray Star
Piano - Matthew Herbert
Violin - John Matthias
Vocals, Lyrics By - Dani Siciliano
2 It's Only (7:21)
Arranged By [Horns], Flugelhorn, Flute, Trumpet - Peter Wraight
Arranged By [Horns], Violin - Matthew Herbert
Vocals - Dani Siciliano
Vocals [Samples] - Shingai Shoniwa
3 Foreign Bodies (5:37)
Percussion [Blood] - Martin Schmidt
Percussion [Kindly Donated Bodily Function Sounds] - 202 Owl, The , Achim Brauweiler , Andrei Dubinin , Jeff Klein , John Wraight , Mario Simeunovic , Mark Cremins , Olly Fay , Ricky Antolini , Robert De La Gauthier* , Sasha Kane , Scott Stone , Simon Angel , Wayne Stronell , Zero (17)
Recorded By [Blood] - Matmos
Vocals, Performer [Digestion], Lyrics By - Dani Siciliano
4 Suddenly (6:29)
Bass - Dave Green
Piano - Phil Parnell
Vocals, Lyrics By [Based On An Idea By] - Dani Siciliano
5 I Know (4:24)
Arranged By - Matthew Herbert
Arranged By, Piano - Phil Parnell
Bass - Dave Green
Drums - Paul Clarvis
Engineer - Facundo Rodriguez
Engineer [Assistant] - Louis Read*
Trumpet, Flute - Peter Wraight
6 Leave Me Now (6:36)
Bass - Matthew Herbert
Piano - Phil Parnell
Vocals - Dani Siciliano
7 The Last Beat (4:20)
Bass - Dave Green
Drums - Paul Clarvis
Engineer - Facundo Rodriguez
Engineer [Assistant] - Louis Read*
Piano - Phil Parnell
Vocals - Dani Siciliano
8 You Saw It All (7:04)
Backing Vocals - Dani Siciliano
Piano [Samples] - Phil Parnell
Recorded By [Percussion] - Matmos
Vocals - Luca Santucci
9 On Reflection (4:29)
Bass - Dave Green
Cymbal [Ride] - Ashley Marlowe
Flute, Trumpet - Peter Wraight
Percussion [Knuckles, Hair, Skin, Teeth And Bones] - Matthew Herbert , Nick Denton (2)
Percussion [Knuckles, Hair, Skin, Teeth And Bones], Vocals - Dani Siciliano
Piano - Phil Parnell
10 About This Time Each Day (3:44)
Bass - Dave Green
Clarinet - Dani Siciliano
Guitar - Jim Mullen
Piano - Phil Parnell
11 Addiction (6:44)
Piano, Electric Piano [Rhodes], Bass - Matthew Herbert
Vocals - Dani Siciliano
12 I Miss You (4:52)
Guitar - Jim Mullen
Performer [New Orleans Funeral Clarinet Band] - Dani Siciliano
Vocals - Shingai Shoniwa
13 It's Only A Reprise (1:57)
Arranged By [Horns], Flugelhorn, Flute, Trumpet - Peter Wraight
Arranged By [Horns], Violin - Matthew Herbert
Vocals - Dani Siciliano
Vocals [Samples] - Shingai Shoniwa
14 The Audience (6:15)
Electric Piano [Rhodes], Written-by - Phil Parnell
Piano - Matthew Herbert
Vocals - Dani Siciliano , Shingai Shoniwa

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Autechre - Quaristice [2008]

Country: UK
Style: Abstract, IDM, Experimental, Ambient
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

It would be deathlessly simplistic to say that Autechre make dance music, like saying that Vivendi sells compact discs. While it's true that the English duo's sound is coincidentally rhythmic, it'd be more appropriate to hail them as the true Sound of the City. Just as 1995's Tri Repetae perfectly and pristinely captured the paranoid spirit of rapidly gentrifying urban areas—the soundtrack of homeless people pushed east, sodium streetlights casting an aura over rain-slick streets, and a deserted series of districts devoted part-time to factory-made toys, candy, and machine parts—their ninth and latest album, Quaristice, finely etches a glass metropolis with acid both nitric and hallucinogenic.

Track listing :

* Altibzz
* The Plc
* IO
* PlyPhon
* Perlence
* SonDEremawe
* Simmm
* paralel Suns
* Steels
* Tankakern
* rale
* Fol3
* fwzE
* 90101-5l-l
* bnc Castl
* Theswere
* Chenc9
* Notwo
* Outh9X


VIDEO Rewind 15 de Mayo

Promo REWIND 15 de Mayo 09 from REWIND! on Vimeo.

Aquí el está el nuevo video promo de REWIND, para ir calentando motores para la fiesta este Viernes junto a nuestro super invitado DJ ROME, quien cruzó el atlántico para hacernos bailar!

Realizado por:



DnB Chile


REWIND: Edicion Especial “DJ Rome” (Desde Alemania)

REWIND presenta una SUPER EDICIÓN con un invitado DE LUJO!

Desde Alemania, y por primera vez en nuestro país el creador de BLU SAPHIR RECORDINGS, el carismatico DJ ROME se presentará en la pista de baile más prendida de la capital® REWIND!

Un poco sobre DJ ROME:

Jay Rome o DJ Rome además de un gran DJ/productor, es el responsable de uno de los sellos más importantes de Drum & Bass en Alemania, BluSaphir Recordings.

Marcado por un sonido enérgico con influencias soulful, BluSaphir agrupa artistas de gran calibre como Electrosoul System, Red Eyes, DJ Roots, Bungle, Big Bud, Chino, Contour, Henree, Ill-esha, Cls & Wax, Peyo, Muffler, Submorphics y nuestro nacional TheEgo entre otros.

Entonces, no es raro que presenciemos un show con música fina, prendida y por sobre todo muchos tracks exclusivos.

Además, MC Pab, nuevamente se montará en las tornamesas demostrando que no solo es un excelente MC, si no que un magnifico DJ.

El cierre pertenece a nuestro residente DJ THEEGO junto a un set cargado con lo mejor del Drum & Bass con matices Electro!

Una noche completa, con todo lo que puedes esperar de una REWIND y más!


DJ ROME (BluSaphir, Alemania)

00:00 DJ PAB
01:30 DJ ROME (BluSaphir, Alemania)
03:30 THEEGO
04:30 DJ ROME + THEEGO (Back 2 Back)
05:00 CIERRE

$2500 hasta al 1
$3000 después


Alameda 139, Santiago de Chile

Kid606 - Kill Sounds Before Sounds Kill You

Country: Caracas, Venezuela; California,USA
Style: Glitch, Breakcore, Experimental
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.

This here pile of mentality is electronic mayhem for the bulk of its 52 minutes. The first four tracks hammer away at your auditory sensibilities with a constant barrage of bizarre stimulus: the roadrunner pops by, melees of reversing baselines flip around, mariachi bands appear, all manner of synthesizer molestation, drum and bass growls, reggae sounds, jungle drums, and old school hip-hop samples are assimilated. Anyone bored listening to this should qualify for a death certificate. Every noise Miguel "Kid 606" Depedro touches becomes irrevocably mangled and rearranged to complete nonsense and back to brilliance, completely reinventing the possibilities of sampling in the process. Not that the album is without a softer side. "Total Recovery Is Possible" is one bastard of a grating downbeat track and "If I Had A Happy Place This Would Be It" sounds exactly as I imagine someone injecting the world’s biggest Vitamin C fan with an overdose of heroin during their first ever listen of "Graduation" right before the first chorus, and then breaking apart said fan’s skull with a sledgehammer after C says "...times we had together" to feast upon the gooey nectar within (I wonder why my parents got called into school so much…). The finished product is a pillhead mindblower, excellent for all manner of after party and great for pissing off the neighbors. I can’t sit still listening to it, so you may want to lay off writing or painting when this is on but they’re your ears. Treat them wisely and shove this in ‘em!

Track listing :

1. The Illness (album mix)
2. Who Wah Kill Sound?
3. Andy Warhol Is Dead But We Still Have Hope
4. Ecstasy Motherfucker
5. Total Recovery Is Possible
6. Buckle Up
7. If I Had A Happy Place This Would Be It
8. Site Specific Sound Installation
9. Powerbookfiend
10. I Think I’m Alone Now
11. Woofer Wrecker
12. Parenthood



Country: V/A
Style: IDM, Experimental
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

Our Release begins with the post digital whisperings from “Ella hablaba en RGB”, of El Lazo Invisible:.."she only speaks RGB, in 3 channels, infront of a screen continuosly available.-You have 3 options –she used to tell me, morning is a nice colourfull vector".. Like a natural flow, Meiker paints this release with the colors of a warm evening with his track “Naranja (That Nostalgic Feeling)”. We arribe to last thoughts of the day sonic textures with “Sinking downwards in dire ruin (f.ss)” a Bifidus’ track that like his previous work, gives a sound to that state between being awake and being asleep. Insecto from Chile, situate us inside an arena where rhythmic collapses, textures and microscopic melodies clash between themselves.

Rivel, with “Back again” gave us one of his best tracks to date: an undersea dubby garden with paths that bifurcates at unison into his own very logic. "Dodecafuced" by Subnor is a very cinematographic IDM that constructs an imaginary short-film with perfect timing. Emmerichk with "Maquiventa" also forms a narrative with true contemplative thoughts in constant transitions to new forms. AAM with “Bad japanese movie” place us in the middle of a cluster of textures that works as a camouflage to rhythms floating under a dense residual scheme. zofa in cycles makes display of his ability to leave us in the middle of a field of unsolved tensions that unease the listener. "Photon" by Absolute time is a piece that searches getting away from the minimal as we know it and make us sigh a little bit for the nineties.

Track listing :

01 - El Lazo invisible - Ella hablabla en rgb
02 - Meiker - Naranja (That Nostalgic feeling)
03 - Bifidus -Sinking downwards in dire ruin (f.ss)
04 - Insecto - Miternu
05 - Rivel - Back again
06 - Subnor - Dodekafucked
07 - Emmerichk - Maquiventa
08 - Absolute time - Photon
09 - AAM - Bad Japanese movie
10 - Zofa - Cycles
11 - Manziping - Despues de usted señor
12 - kampion - Dreamy Snapshot



Whitehouse - Psychopathia Sexualis [1982]

Country: UK
Style: Electronic, Noise, Experimental Industrial
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.

Experimental noise band Whitehouse (founded in London in 1980) have a worldwide underground cult following.

Track listing :

A1 Peter Kurten
A2 Edward Paisenel
A3 Boston Strangler
A4 Peter Sutcliffe
A5 Fritz Haarmann
A6 Ian Brady And Myra Hindley
A7 Graham Young
B1 Vulcan Air Attack Mission
B2 Pleazure Fur Frauen
B3 Live Action 4 (Complete)
B4 Genesis Of The New Weapons