Country: V/A
Style: IDM, Experimental
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

Our Release begins with the post digital whisperings from “Ella hablaba en RGB”, of El Lazo Invisible:.."she only speaks RGB, in 3 channels, infront of a screen continuosly available.-You have 3 options –she used to tell me, morning is a nice colourfull vector".. Like a natural flow, Meiker paints this release with the colors of a warm evening with his track “Naranja (That Nostalgic Feeling)”. We arribe to last thoughts of the day sonic textures with “Sinking downwards in dire ruin (f.ss)” a Bifidus’ track that like his previous work, gives a sound to that state between being awake and being asleep. Insecto from Chile, situate us inside an arena where rhythmic collapses, textures and microscopic melodies clash between themselves.

Rivel, with “Back again” gave us one of his best tracks to date: an undersea dubby garden with paths that bifurcates at unison into his own very logic. "Dodecafuced" by Subnor is a very cinematographic IDM that constructs an imaginary short-film with perfect timing. Emmerichk with "Maquiventa" also forms a narrative with true contemplative thoughts in constant transitions to new forms. AAM with “Bad japanese movie” place us in the middle of a cluster of textures that works as a camouflage to rhythms floating under a dense residual scheme. zofa in cycles makes display of his ability to leave us in the middle of a field of unsolved tensions that unease the listener. "Photon" by Absolute time is a piece that searches getting away from the minimal as we know it and make us sigh a little bit for the nineties.

Track listing :

01 - El Lazo invisible - Ella hablabla en rgb
02 - Meiker - Naranja (That Nostalgic feeling)
03 - Bifidus -Sinking downwards in dire ruin (f.ss)
04 - Insecto - Miternu
05 - Rivel - Back again
06 - Subnor - Dodekafucked
07 - Emmerichk - Maquiventa
08 - Absolute time - Photon
09 - AAM - Bad Japanese movie
10 - Zofa - Cycles
11 - Manziping - Despues de usted señor
12 - kampion - Dreamy Snapshot


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