Múm - Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy [2007]

Country: UK
Style: Electronic, Indie, Folk
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Múm's playful approach to folktronica is already a solid staple among its contemporary experimental artists, regardless of this Icelandic group's changing members or branching out styles. Upon first listen the album defied my expectations. But then again, I couldn't pinpoint exactly what I awaited to hear. Through the fourth rotation, I was already familiar with the toytronic treatment and the lo-fi acoustic melodies, and started concentrating on the elaborated details of the individual tracks.

Track listing :

1.Blessed Brambles
2.A Little Bit, Sometimes
3.They Made Frogs Smoke ‘Til They Exploded
4.These Eyes Are Berries
5.Moon Pulls
6.Marmalade Fires
8.Dancing Behind My Eyelids
9.School Song Misfortune
10.I Was Her Horse
11.Guilty Rocks
12.Winter (What We Never Were After All)


Caribou - Andorra [2007]

Country:London, Ontario, Canada
Style: Electronic, Rock
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

When I first heard about this album I was simply not enthralled because I thought I knew what Caribou was all about. I was wrong. This album is nothing short of amazing and the first reviewer captured it perfectly. Sandy, Eli, Irene, Melody Day are some of my favorites but basically every track was damn good. The sound in this record is different and I like it. This record is pure dope!

Track listing :

1.Melody Day
3.After Hours
4.She's The One



Sambassadeur - Migration [2007]

Country: Sweden
Style: Experimental, Shoegaze, Indie Rock
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 224Kbps.

2007 album from the Swedish lo-fi Pop outfit. This time, Sambassadeur chose to record in benefit of a proper studio together with producer Mattias Glav† (Dungen, Broder Daniel, H†kan Hellstr"m). Migration is a sparkling Pop album, where breezy vocals meets deceptively sunny arrangements that perfectly wraps up the some of this years most heartfelt melodies.

Track listing :

1.The Park
2.Subtle Changes
3.That Town
4.Fallin' In Love
6.Final Say
7.Someday We're Through
8.Something To Keep


Low - Drums and Guns [2007]

Country: US
Style: Experiemntal, Indie Rock
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 272Kbps.

If you haven't heard Low's music... well they play real low and real slow. And that's not a bad thing. If you have heard 2006's "The Great Destroyer" ---then you will probably be suprised when listening to 2007's "Drums and Guns." It's mellow (like most of Low's music) but still has the ambition to experiment with different sounds.

Track listing :

1.Pretty People
6.Always Fade
7.Dust On The Window
9.Your Poison
10.Take Your Time
11.In Silence
13.Violent Past



Pilot Cloud - Halcyon [2010]

Country: US
Style: Indie, Post-Rock
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Pilot Cloud is the joint musical outlet of Justin Lerner and Nick Biscardi. In April 2008, out of a need for change and growth, Lerner and Biscardi shifted gears and left their old band, Hans the Double, to form a more studio-based project.

Writing together on weekends and in any other spare time, the pair pieced together an album over the remainder of the year drawing on influences from all ends of their respective tastes.

Track listing :

3.Part Two (Old Relic)
4.Reset, Refocus
5.The Swell
6.Time Freezes Over This New Frontier


God is an Astronaut - All Is Violent All Is Bright[2005]

Country: Ireland
Style: Indie, Post-Rock
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 188Kbps.

This band falls in a genre that I have been discovering lately. Part rock, part alternative, part electronic. Other bands I have been listening to, among others, are Explosion in the Sky, If These Trees Could Talk, and This Will Destroy You. While I enjoy these bands, I believe God is an Astronaut brings something new to the mix. Maybe it's just me, but the way the band creates melodies in which all the instruments come together to create a unique, penetrating sound that just takes you away, makes you feel part of the music, is just stunning. I strongly recommend this album to all fans of the genre, you will not be disapointed!

Track listing :

2.All Is Violent, All Is Bright
3.Forever Lost
4.Fire Flies And Empty Skies
5.A Deafening Distance
6.Infinite Horizons
7.Suicide By Star
8.Remembrance Day
9.Dust And Echoes
10.When Everything Dies
11.Halo Of Flies



The Past Decade of Drum&Bass [2000-2009]

Country: -
Style: Drum n' Bass
Format: M4a
CBR: 44.1Khz, 127Kbps.

The Risky returns from down under to deliver the second installment of the 'Decade of Drum&Bass' series. Spanning fr...om 2000 - 2009, checkout this massive selection including tracks from Fresh, Pendulum, Sub Focus, Calibre, Zinc and many many more!

Track listing :

RAM Trilogy - Titan - RAM Records
Bad Company - Breathe - BC Recordings
Bad Company & Trace - Nitrous - BC Recordings
Bad Company - Spacewalk - BC Recordings
Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman - Virus
Cybotron (feat. Dillinja) - Nasty Wayz (Cybotron EP) - Ffrr
Roni Size & Krust - Hopscotch - Full Cycle
Roni Size & Reprazent - Who Told You - Talkin' Loud
Wots My Code - Dubplate (Total Science Remix) - C.I.A Records
Q-Project - Champion Sound (Total Science Hardcore Will Never Die Mix) - C.I.A Records
Matrix - Temperament - Virus
Dom&Roland - Imagination - Moving Shadow
Digital - Deadline - 31 Records
Phantom Audio - Remote Control - Timeless
Solid State - Just A Vision (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Remix) - Renegade Recordings
J Majik (feat. Kathy Brown) - Love Is Not A Game - Defected
Konflict - Messiah - Renegade Hardware
DJ Zinc - Casino Royale - True Playaz
Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Universe - Metalheadz
John B - Up All Night - Metalheadz
High Contrast - Make It Tonight - Hospital Records
Calibre - Fire & Water- Soul:R
Hatiras Vs J Majik - Spaced Invader - Defected
Shimon & Andy C - Body Rock - RAM Records
Moving Fusion - Thunderball - RAM Records
Shimon - Hush Hush - RAM Records
Ed Rush & Optical - Kerbcrawler - Virus
Total Science - Jungle Jungle - CIA Recordings
Dillinja - All Aboard - Valve / Ffrr
Bad Company - Planet Dust - Prototype
Bad Company - Ladies Of Spain - BC Recordings
Digital - Gateman - Phantom Audio
Klute - Glue Sniffer - Commercial Suicide
Dylan & Ink - Need You - Renegade Hardware
Teebee - Silent Depths - Certificate 18
Shy Fx & T-Power (feat. Di) - Shake Ur Body - Positiva
High Contrast - Return Of Forever - Hospital Records
DJ Marky & XRS Land - LK - V Recordings
Dillinja - Grimey - V Recordings
Dillinja - Twist 'Em Out - Trouble On Vinyl
Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman (RAM Trilogy Remix) - Virus Recordings
Bad Company - Hornet - BC Recordings
Bad Company - Torpedo - BC Recordings
Adam F & J Majik - Metrosound - Kaos Recordings
Roni Size - Playtime - Full Cycle
Twisted Individual & APB - Hand Grenade - Grid Recordings
John B - Up All Night (Epic Mix) - Metalheadz
Shy Fx & T-Power (feat. Di & Skibadee) - Don't Wanna Know - Ffrr
M.I.S.T.I.C.A.L - Mistical Dub - Soul:R
M.I.S.T & High Contrast - 3AM - Soul:R
Pendulum û Vault (31 Records)
Sub Focus û Down The Drain (Frequency)
RAM Trilogy û Screamer (RAM Records)
Hive û Neo (Violence Recordings)
Keaton & Hive û The Plague (Renegade Hardware)
Technical Itch & Kemal û The Calling (Moving Shadow)
Distorted Minds û T-10 (Kaos Recordings)
Twisted Individual û Bandwagon Blues (Formation Records)
Fresh û Signal (RAM Records)
Rawhill Cru û MoÆ Fire (Bad Company Remix) (BC Recordings)
Total Science & Baron û Nosher (Baron VIP) (CIA Ltd)
Ebony Dubsters û Ra! (Ebony Dubs)
Roni Size (featuring Rahzel) û Out Of Breath (Full Cycle)
Marcus Intalex & ST Files û Outaspace (Soul:R)
Badmarsh & Shri û Signs (Calibre Remix) (HB 003)
D.Kay & Epsilon û Barcelona (BC Authorised)
Un-cut û Midnight (M.I.S.T VIP) (Un-Cut)
D-Bridge & Vegas û True Romance (Metalheadz)
Logistics û Together (The Future Sound Of Cambridge EP û Vol.1)(Hospital Records)
Calibre & Singing Fats û Drop It Down (Signature Recordings)
DJ Zinc û Ska (Remix) (True Playaz)
Concord Dawn û DonÆt Tell Me (Timeless Recordings)
Fresh û Floodlight (Dogs On Acid)
Pendulum û Back To You (Timeless Recordings)
Pendulum û Masochist (Breakbeat Kaos)
Pendulum û Another Planet (Breakbeat Kaos)
Keaton & Hive û Bring It On (Violence Recordings)
Ed Rush & Optical û Bacteria (Pendulum Remix) (Virus)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith û Odyssey (Prototype)
Chase & Status û LoveÆs Theme (Bingo)
MC Conrad & Makoto û Golden Girl (Good Looking Records)
Artificial Intelligence û Desperado (V Recordings)
Shy Fx û Plastic Soul (Bingo)
Shy Fx & T Power û Feelings (Digital Soundboy Recordings)
Total Science û Defcom 69 (Metalheadz)
Noisia û Block Control (Moving Shadow)
Konflict û Messiah (Spor Remix) (Renegade Hardware)
Pendulum & Fresh Feat. Spyda & Tenor Fly û Tarantula (Breakbeat Kaos)
The Prodigy û Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) (XL Recordings)
Sub Focus û X-Ray (RAM Records)
D.Kay & DJ Lee û Tuning (Metalheadz)
Taxman - Too Bad - Frontline
Shy FX & T Power Feat.Top Cat - Everyday - Digital Soundboy Recordings
Twisted Individual & APB - Hand Grenade (Clipz Remix) - Grid Recordings
DJ Die & Clipz - Number 1 (Feat. Ben Westbeech) - Full Cycle
TC - Jump - D-Style
Sub Focus - Airplane - RAM Records
Noisia - Facade - RAM Records
Benny Page - Turn The Lights Down - Digital Soundboy Recordings
Chase & Status (feat. Jenna G) - In Love - Bingo
J Majik & Wickaman (feat. Kathy Brown) - Crazy World - Infrared
Futurebound & Matrix - American Beauty - white label (BEAUTY001)
Total Science & MC Conrad - Soul Patrol - CIA Records
Commix - Be True - Metalheadz
Lynx (feat. Ciah) - Disco Dodo - Creative Source
Breakage - Clarendon - Digital Soundboy
Commix - Talk To Frank - Metalheadz
Break - Let It Happen - Shogun Audio
Sigma - All Blue - Life Recordings
High Contrast - If We Ever - Hospital Records
DJ Hazard & Distorted Minds - Mr Happy - Playaz
DJ Brockie & Ed Solo - Reprazent (Chase & Status Remix) - Undiluted
Jonny L - Back To Your Roots (DJ Friction & K Tee RMX) - Shogun Audio
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Harder - Technique Recordings
TC - Rockstar - D-Style
Demo & Cease - Ladies Night VIP - Human Imprint Recordings
Chase & Status - Hurt You - RAM Records
D-Bridge - Wonder Where - Non-Plus
Noisia - Diplodocus - Quarantine
Break - Is This What You Want (Symmetry LP) - Symmetry
Lifted Crew (Apex, Spor, Ewun & Evol Intent) - Dirge - Lifted Music
RAM Trilogy - Screamer VIP - RAM Records
DJ Hazard - Machete - Playaz
Sub Focus - Timewarp - RAM Records
Chase & Status - Take Me Away - RAM Records
Chase & Status - Pieces (feat. Plan B) - RAM Records
The Brookes Brothers - Tear You Down - Breakbeat Kaos
Adele - Hometown Glory (High Contrast RMX) - XL Recordings
J Majik & Wickaman (feat. Kathy Brown) - Crazy World VIP - Data
Blame - Stay Forever - Charge Recordings
D-Bridge - Inner Disbelief - Exit Records
Alix Perez (Feat. Peven Everett & Spectrasoul) - Forsaken - Shogun Audio
Calibre - Let Me Hold You - Signature
Serum & Bladerunner - Snake Fist - Creative Source
Spor - Aztec - Shogun Audio
Sub Focus - Rock It - RAM Records
Set If Off û Friction & K-Tee - Shogun Audio
DJ Fresh - Heavyweight - Digital Soundboy
Nero - Act Like You Know - Breakbeat Kaos
J Majik & Wickaman - Feel About You - Mosquito
Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Show Me Love (Blame Remix) - Data
Blame - Because of You - 720
Rockwell - Underpass - Critical

Download VIA IVOOX

Download Part 1 (2000-2002)

Download Part 2 (2003-2005)

Download Part 3 (2006-2009)


Jonny Greenwood - Bodysong [2003]

Country: Uk
Style: Electronic, Experimental, Ambient
Format: MP3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

Bodysong is a collection of instrumental vignettes, blending keyboards, cello and minimalist percussion tracks. Some of it is spookily atmospheric, some of it merely dull and absolutely none of it sounds anything like Radiohead. It's certainly an interesting curio, but on the whole you can't help feeling that Greenwood should stick to the day job.

Track listing :

01 Moon Trills 5:17
02 Moon Mall 1:12
03 Trench 2:38
04 Iron Swallow 2:09
Featuring - Emperor String Quartet, The
05 Clockwork Tin Soldiers 3:49
06 Convergence 4:26
07 Nudnik Headache 2:16
08 Peartree 3:06
09 Splitter 3:57
Bass - Jeremy Brown
Drums - Gene Calderazzo
Saxophone - Julian Argvelles
Trumpet - Gerald Presencer
10 Bode Radio/Glass Light/Broken Hearts 4:36
Featuring - Emperor String Quartet, The
11 24 Hour Charleston 2:39
Bass [Electric], Programmed By [Additional] - Colin Greenwood
12 Milky Drops From Heaven 4:44
Bass - Jeremy Brown
Drums - Gene Calderazzo
Saxophone - Julian Argvelles
Trumpet - Gerald Presencer
13 Tehellet 3:40
Featuring - Emperor String Quartet, The



Buben vs Rabbit Girls - To belarus & back - vol1 [2006]

Country: US
Style: Experimental, Noise, Breakcore
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.

This album is sick and insane ! I have no more words to describe...

Track listing :

1 Fishes In A Bucket
2 I'd Rather Get Gassed Or Shot
3 Digital Firing Squad
4 Skating On Cracked Ice
5 Molotov Chaser
6 Endless Cremation
7 Endless Cremation (Extended Burn Mix)
8 Democrafascist
9 Head In A Cement Mixer
10 Decision Trees
11 Dark Side Story


Shizuo - Shizuo Vs. Shizor [1997]

Country: Berlin, Germany
Style: Breaks, Noise, Breakcore, Experimental
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Shizuo (born 1973 in Berlin, Germany) was the Digital Hardcore Recordings manifestation of David Hammer, with occasional vocals and an animated stage show by Annika Trost. Their 1997 album Shizuo Vs. Shizor wowed critics with its giddy, crazy blend of punk rock electronics. During the popularity with Shizuo's music, David also started a band with Annika and Razi Barakat called Give Up (Razi had earlier been featured on The Cramps cover song "New Kick"), but the band later broke up after the 1997 DHR tour due David's heavy usage of LSD, as a serious disagreement with creative differences led to David legitamely attacking Razi half way through their set.[citation needed] The two would never collaborate again, as both were interviewed about the incident in the short lived DHR fanzine.
Hammer's last release under the Shizuo alias was with the self released vinyl Shizuo No.1 in 2000. He was last seen playing guitar in a Berlin based band called The Nothings. Trost now performs solo or with Cobra Killer.

Track listing :

4.Braindead (Pt.1)
5.New Kick
7.The Duty
8.Sexual High
10.Blow Job
11.Dr. LSD
13.Crack Meets The Hammer
15.Makin' Love