Passion Pit - Manners [2009]

Country: US
Style: Electronic, Pop, Indie Rock
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

Nostalgia’s a depressing trip, particularly the brand that manifests itself in childhood interests revisited. It’s an ephemeral fix, a little spark that holds enormous appeal for (but certainly not just for) wistful young adults world-round. I doubt I need to recount my friends and I recently watching Darkwing Duck on Youtube to make my point—you get the idea. The idealistic pull is everywhere: it’s why you can’t walk around a campus without seeing a Jem t-shirt, why nerds think gaming piqued with Battletoads, why Labyrinth would be anyone’s favorite movie, and why anybody over the age of nine will enjoy Passion Pit’s Manners.

Track listing :

1 Make Light (4:56)
2 Little Secrets (3:59)
3 Moth's Wings (4:16)
4 The Reeling (4:48)
5 Eyes As Candles (4:04)
6 Swimming In The Flood (4:59)
7 Fold In Your Hands (3:39)
8 To Kingdom Come (4:08)
9 Sleepyhead (2:55)
10 Let Your Love Grow Tall (3:32)
11 Seaweed Song (4:25)



Daft Punk - Remix After All [2009]

Country: Paris, France
Style: Electronic
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

10 popular and acknowledged music blogs got together to create this unofficial remix album for public distribution on May 20. Each and every blog has chosen one track from the album and has then begun a search for the producer they think would fit best to remix their song. Remix After All does not disregard any of the songs from Human After All, making it an unusually cohesive and consistent remix album to its form. This project relies heavily on the love and respect for the original creation but also for the bloggers’ fingertip sense to find who they believe is the soulmate to each song. The bloggers, in their turn, rely on their confidence that their remixer has the skill, passion and inventiveness to make a remix that truly creates something new and interesting out of the original.

Track listing :

01 Human After All (chosen by Disco Demons)
02 The Prime Time Of Your Life (chosen by Data Sapiens)
03 Robot Rock (chosen by The Cold Cut)
04 Steam Machine (chosen by Cream Team)
05 Make Love (chosen by Sheena Beaston)
06 The Brainwasher (chosen by Danger! Danger!)
07 On/Off (chosen by The Lemur Blog)
08 Television Rules The Nation (chosen by Noise Porn)
09 Technologic (chosen by Pretty Much Amazing)
10 Emotion (chosen by Binary)



Futuro Primitivo - Everyday Life is War [2009]

Country: Argentina
Style: Electronic, IDM
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.
Website: http://futuroprimitivo.com

Futuro Primitivo (a.k.a. Matjaz Mon) is a post-electronica act from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Matjaz developed a very personal vision of music and the current times being often credited as a “primitivist musician from the end of the world” and “the dark side of Manu Chao”. His music style comes from a combination of post-rock, IDM, nu-jazz and digital hardcore, retainning a characteristic sound using solely virtual instruments and processing.

His debut release, Everyday Life is War, is a concept album made available as “pay-what-you-want” model, curiously the same day the War on Gaza started. On stage, Futuro Primitivo employs visual elements to accompany performances.

Track listing :

01 - two minutes hate
02 – below the radar
03 – everyday life is war
04 – the ballad of Sol Shurman
05 – Kenzauro Oe
06 – rats and children
07 – memory of fire
08 – exocet generation
09 – where sun never sets
10 – up in arms



Skream - Rinse 02 [2007]

Country: UK
Style: Dubstep
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 178Kbps.

This mix is quite a hefty run through of all the big tracks of 2007 in the world of Dub-step (which is a relatively new but ever-increasingly popular music genre). The sound is from London and the UK (which is where most of the producers on the mix come from. The tracks are based upon what DJ Skream likes personally and what he plays at DJ sets (or was in the 2007-2008 period).
Kulture kicks off the mix with a reggae infuse synth bassline rizing track which gets the energy levels pumping straight from the outset (interesting way to start a mix!) Next is a track from Skream himself which was popular one on pirate radio and in D clubs 'wobble that gut' with minimal progressive beats and bass-lines. Next is another skream track of a remix of a garage track by dj zinc. Its got bass technical-wobbles and a sick vocal (cool). Then its Skream again with Cluekid on a more intense bass-snaking downwards. A cool track by Skream called sinisterize is minimal with a one note horn riff and cool technical drums. Kode 9 comes with an abstract turn in the mix. Next is a v. popular bass shifting track from benga. Coki comes with an equally bassy shifting track.
The tracks continue with variations on the above tracks mentioned and stay equally bassy and in touch with one another. There are more interesting Skream tracks towards the end of the disc. Overall the cd is interesting but can become repetative with time. But it is a good look at what was going on in the world of skream in 2007.

Track listing :

1 Kulture Steppin' Outta Babylon
2 Skream Wobble That Gut
3 Zinc* Flim (Skream Remix)
Remix - Skream
4 Skream vs. Cluekid Sandsnake
5 Skream Sinisterize
6 Badawi Den Of Drums (Kode 9 Remix)
Remix - Kode 9*
7 Benga 26 Basslines
8 Coki Triple 6
9 Skream Refuel
10 Caspa & Rusko Bread Get Bun
11 Skream Lightning (VIP)
12 Black Ghosts, The Some Way Through This (Skream & Plastician Remix)
Remix - Plastician , Skream
13 Hijak Butcha
14 Skream Calous
15 Skream 2D
16 Skream Tek-A-Pill
17 Skream Oit, Kum Ere Sun
18 Skream Crash
19 Skream Murderer
20 Skream Make Me (Distance Remix)
Remix - Distance*
21a Distance* Night Vision (Skream Remix)
Remix - Skream
21b Klaxons It's Not Over Yet (Skream Remix)
Remix - Skream
22 Coki Road Rage
23 Mala (4) Alicia
24 D1 Sorrow


Skream - Skream! [2006]

Country: UK
Style: Dub, Grime, Dubstep
Format: Mp3
VBR:44.1Khz, 212Kbps.

You have to pity poor Skream (or Olli Jones as he's known to his mum). Having had enough music stored away for several (ok - several hundred) albums, his dubstep debut arrives with a rather dull thud, obscured not only by the a handful of recent offerings (not least Burial's gorgeously deep outing), but also, ironically, by his own prodigous talent.

Having churned out the dubs at a rate of nots (and released the vastly superior Skreamizm series, also on Tempa), the album has a "will this do?" quality to it - any casual listener to his regular Rinse FM shows will know Jones can do so much better than the awkward jump-up of 'Kut-Off' or the non-descript 'Tortured Soul'.

Although it comes nowhere near the futuristic funk of 'Blipstream' or 'Lightning's feverish junglisms, 'Skream!' still contains some devestating delights for the dancefloor, even if few suprises. 'Dubbers Anonymous' is a brilliantly minimal low-end wobbler, worth the entrance fee alone.

Track listing :

1 Tortured Soul (4:18)
2 Midnight Request Line (3:56)
3 Blue Eyez (4:39)
4 Auto-Dub (2:50)
5 Check-It (4:12)
Vocals [Featuring] - Warrior Queen
Written-By - A. Henry*
6 Stagger (4:41)
7 Dutch Flowerz (4:21)
8 Rutten (6:32)
Flute - Adrian Revell
9 Tapped (3:38)
Vocals [Featuring] - JME (2)
Written-By - J. Adenuga*
10 Kut-Off (4:33)
11 Summer Dreams (7:58)
Trumpet - Martin Shaw
12 Colourful (5:13)
13 Emotionally Mute (Outro) (4:35)



LTJ Bukem - FabricLive 46 [2009]

Country: UK
Style: Drum n Bass
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

At last, another officially released mix cd from LTJ Bukem, its been a while!
Although entitled FabricLive this is actaully a studio mix without the vocal talents of MC Conrad.
As usual the quality of mixing, tune selection and play order are great, Bukem really knows how to mix good tunes together.
All of the featured tracks are signed to his 'Good Looking Records' label so this is a good way of getting a taster of future 12"s, that is if Bukem decides to release them all!!

Track listing :


Greg Packer Peoples Music

Tidal (3) Impressions

Furney Eerie Indiana

Villem Inflated Tear (Madcap's Remix)

Remix - Madcap (6)

Paul SG Featuring Eros (5) Forever

Paul SG Featuring Caine (3) Lay Down

Paul SG Featuring Andy Sim Sweet And Fresh

Locksmith (6) 2 Minds

Specific Time

Furney Jambaleno

Phatplayaz Fact Of The Unknown

Furney Rhodeo Drive

Eveson Kodama

Furney Fearz

Tayla Turn It Around

Locksmith (6) I'm Not Where You Are

Furney Rhodes For D

Syncopix So In Need