Passion Pit - Manners [2009]

Country: US
Style: Electronic, Pop, Indie Rock
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

Nostalgia’s a depressing trip, particularly the brand that manifests itself in childhood interests revisited. It’s an ephemeral fix, a little spark that holds enormous appeal for (but certainly not just for) wistful young adults world-round. I doubt I need to recount my friends and I recently watching Darkwing Duck on Youtube to make my point—you get the idea. The idealistic pull is everywhere: it’s why you can’t walk around a campus without seeing a Jem t-shirt, why nerds think gaming piqued with Battletoads, why Labyrinth would be anyone’s favorite movie, and why anybody over the age of nine will enjoy Passion Pit’s Manners.

Track listing :

1 Make Light (4:56)
2 Little Secrets (3:59)
3 Moth's Wings (4:16)
4 The Reeling (4:48)
5 Eyes As Candles (4:04)
6 Swimming In The Flood (4:59)
7 Fold In Your Hands (3:39)
8 To Kingdom Come (4:08)
9 Sleepyhead (2:55)
10 Let Your Love Grow Tall (3:32)
11 Seaweed Song (4:25)


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