The XX - XX [2009]

Country: UK
Style: Lo-Fi, Indie Rock
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

The XX, four kids from the dubstep heartland of south London, have quietly set up an emotional squat in those spaces, with bedsit-delicate love songs. It’s strange that such a traditional
set-up (drums, bass, keys, guitars, voices) has resulted in one of 2009’s most unique debuts. The praise can be laid at the door of the band themselves: synths-and-beats man Jamie Smith produced the album himself and they draw together eclectic materials from avant-garde hip-hop to R&B to pure pop.

Track listing :

1 Intro (2:08)
2 VCR (2:57)
3 Crystalised (3:22)
4 Islands (2:41)
5 Heart Skipped A Beat (4:02)
6 Fantasy (2:38)
7 Shelter (4:30)
8 Basic Space (3:08)
9 Infinity (5:13)
10 Night Time (3:37)
11 Stars (4:23)