Rotator - Choose Your Poison Mine Is Hardcore [2007]

Country: France
Style: Hardcore, Power Electronics, Breakcore
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 208Kbps.

Is the first real full length CD by Mr Peace Off and his crazy circus of gabber / breakcore / free party / raggacore beats. More addictive than crack and catchier than Kylie Minogue, this CD contains four new tracks and 10 other previously released on records on Peace Off and Broklyn Beats. So, now that this is on CD, you really have no excuse for not checking Rotator out.

Track listing :

1 Dancehall Devastation (7:46)
2 Get So ExXxcited (4:23)
3 Ole Olew Junkyard Remix (5:49)
Written-By - Sickboy
4 New Breed (4:47)
5 Untouchables (4:30)
6 Labba Labba (4:27)
7 Distorted Species (5:53)
8 Meloko Dolomo (6:08)
9 Black Flag (4:47)
10 One Sharp Knife (5:37)
11 Can't Sleep (5:11)
12 Ouh Ahh, Fucking More! (5:14)
13 Lewd Violence (1:59)
14 Outro (0:29)



Benga - Diary Of An Afro Warrior [2008]

Country: UK
Style: Dubstep
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Having previously heard Beni Uthman’s (aka Benga) track titled Music Box on Mary Anne Hobbs’ The Warrior Dubz, I picked up his first full length release on Tempa. The fourteen track album is a total trip through some of the deepest, groovy and at the same time melodic dubstep that I’ve heard to date. Operating out of South London, Benga’s previous numerous 12-inchers appeared on genre’s head-starters like Big Apple Records, Planet Mu, Hotflush Recordings and Southside Substars. Diary of an Afro Warrior is more than just a collection of previously heard hooks shoved through the dubstep grinder - each is unique in texture, style, and rhythm; each contains that ’in your face’ attitude that I love so much about confident artists. Among the common groove treatments, I hear some prominent hip-hop influence, electro breaks, wobbly bass and even elements of minimal and funky house. With an incredible resource of ideas, directions and style incorporation demonstrated by Benga, we can be very confident in accepting that dubstep is here to stay, and evolve way beyond its current adolescent form. Note that the tracks appearing on a 3xVinyl release are pretty different from the CD release (for example, it doesn’t contain the 2007 hit, Night, featuring D. Harris as Coki and instead it appears as a separate 12" EP). Highly recommended if you enjoy Skream, Boxcutter, Distance, Pinch and Burial. Favorite tracks: Zero M2, Night, Go Tell Them, and Emotions.

Track listing :

1 Zero M2
2 Night
Featuring - Coki
3 B4 The Dual
4 E Trips
5 Someone 20
6 Light Bulb
7 Crunked Up
8 Go Tell Them
9 The Cut
10 Emotions
11 3 Minutes
12 Pleasure
13 26 Basslines
14 Loose Synths