Zero 7 - Simple Things [2001]

Nacionalidad: US
Estilo: Downtempo, Future Jazz, Trip Hop
DSTG: Tosca
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 128Kbps.

It's a soulful mix of soul, jazz and electro. The vocals are great (although personally I'm not particularly fond of Sia Furler at certain moments) and the arrangements are right on the money for this type of "retro-techno" sound. I sometimes get confused if it's a smooth jazz combo trying to be electronic or an electronic group trying to be smooth jazz.

Song List :

1 I Have Seen (5:07)
Vocals - Mozez
2 Polaris (4:48)
3 Destiny (5:37)
Vocals - Sia Furler* , Sophie Barker
4 Give It Away (5:17)
5 Simple Things (4:24)
Vocals - Mozez
6 Red Dust (5:40)
7 Distractions (5:16)
Vocals - Sia Furler*
8 In The Waiting Line (4:32)
Vocals - Sophie Barker
9 Out Of Town (4:47)
10 This World (5:35)
Vocals - Mozez
11 Likufanele (6:11)
12 End Theme (3:39)
13 Salt Water Sound (5:30)
14 Spinning (6:03)
Vocals - Sophie Barker



Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate Yourself [2009][320kbps]

Nacionalidad: US
Estilo: IDM, Electrto, Synth
DSTG: Autchere
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Telefon Tel Aviv will release their third album, Immolate Yourself, early in 2009 on BPitch Control.

After many years of recording for Chicago indie stalwart Hefty Records, Telefon Tel Aviv have jumped ship to BPitch Control for their latest effort, perhaps in a nod to the friendship forged when one-half of the group helped in the production of Apparat's Walls. Or perhaps they just like what the group is calling a new direction: " Gone are all of the high-definition micro-edit minutiae in favor of a new approach to texture for us - long form."

While we're not sure exactly what that means, if the recent remixes by the duo are any indication, you can expect a lush album with pop ambitions. That and "tape loops of church music" apparently.

Song List :

1 The Birds (6:39)
2 Your Mouth (4:09)
3 M (3:42)
4 Helen Of Troy (3:12)
5 Mostly Translucent (4:16)
6 Stay Away From Being Maybe (4:24)
7 I Made A Tree On The Wold (4:40)
8 Your Every Idol (4:40)
9 You Are The Worst Thing In The World (4:44)
10 Immolate Yourself (5:39)

Download part 1

Download part 2


REWIND presenta a DJ SILVER desde Manchester, UK! @ 16 Enero 2009

Después de una aplastante edición de cierre de año, REWIND no se hace esperar para abrir oficialmente la temporada de DRUM & BASS 2009, y comenzamos nada más ni nada menos que con DJ SILVER desde Manchester UK, quien visitará REWIND en el marco su gira mundial “DANCE DANCE DANCE”.

Un poco sobre DJ SILVER….

Hace ya más de 15 años podemos ver el nombre de SILVER bajo el alero de los sellos mas imprtantes del Drum & Bass al rededor del mundo, hablamos de METALHEADZ, VIRUS, GRID, BINGO, TECHNIQUE, SOUL:R y la lista continúa (chequeala aquí).

SILVER además de ser un increible DJ, es un excelente productor, lo que lo ha llevado a colaborar con artistas de la talla de JUSTICE, SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO y LUPE FIASCO, quienes confiaron en sus manos los remixes de sus más recientes éxitos (escuchalos en su myspace).

SILVER viene a REWIND en el marco de su gira mundial de promocion para “DANCE DANCE DANCE”, su nuevo album, próximo a salir y que cuenta con colaboraciones de vários de los artistas más relevantes de la escena britanica actual, tales como SKREAM, JENNA G, A-SIDES, DIGITAL, J MAJIK Y GRIDLOCK.

Pronto más información sobre line up, precios y FLYER Oficial!

Perderselo sería un crimen!




Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi [2002]

Nacionalidad: UK
Estilo: IDM, Ambient, Drone
DSTG: Auburn Lull
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

This is one of the most powerful albums one could stumble upon. I'm always telling my friends (over the 'net) about tracks on this album as I listen to it, and am dismayed at my inability to describe what I'm feeling. The feelings I get from Geogaddi are often nostalgic, yearning, and some other emotions that have yet to be named.

Have you ever been camping completely in the wilderness, and been woken up early in the morning by voices outside your tent? Have you noticed how the voices sound when you're in that half-awake state? That's the sort of state that is best to be in when listening to Geogaddi. Half-asleep with enhanced dream perception, that is.

By the way, Geogaddi is definitely incomplete without the last track. I can't imagine listening to it without From One Source All Things Depend. Perhaps I was spoiled, but it just seems perfectly-placed. The other Geogaddi releases seem naked without it.

Song List :

A1 Ready Lets Go
A2 Music Is Math
A3 Beware The Friendly Stranger
A4 Gyroscope
A5 Dandelion
B1 Sunshine Recorder
B2 In The Annexe
B3 Julie And Candy
B4 The Smallest Weird Number
C1 1969
C2 Energy Warning
C3 The Beach At Redpoint
C4 Opening The Mouth
D1 Alpha And Omega
D2 I Saw Drones
D3 The Devil Is In The Details
D4 A Is To B As B Is To C
D5 Over The Horizon Radar
E1 Dawn Chorus
E2 Diving Station
E3 You Could Feel The Sky
E4 Corsair
F Magic Window



Alain Goraguer - La Planete Sauvage [1973]

Nacionalidad: France
Estilo: Abstract, Future Jazz, Experimental
DSTG: Boards of Canada
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Alain Goraguer is a French composer born on August 20, 1931 in Rosny-sous-Bois (France). A jazz piano player, he is also known for his talents as an arranger and movie scores composer.

Movie in IMDB

Song List :

1 Déshominisation (II) (0:54)
2 Déshominisation (I) (3:50)
3 Générique (0:44)
4 Le Bracelet (1:27)
5 Ten Et Tiwa (1:46)
6 Maquillage De Tiwa (1:17)
7 Course De Ten (0:53)
8 Ten Et Medor (1:47)
9 Ten Et Tiwa Dorment (0:49)
10 Ten Est Assomé (0:45)
11 Abite (0:52)
12 Conseil Des Draags (0:56)
13 Les Hommes-La Grande Co-Existence (1:15)
14 La Femme (2:12)
15 Mira Et Ten (0:44)
16 Mort De Draag (0:52)
17 L'oiseau (2:28)
18 La Cité Des Hommes Libres (0:51)
19 Attaque Des Robots (2:05)
20 La Longue Marche-Valse Des Statues (2:16)
21 Les Fusées (2:20)
22 Générique (2:07)
23 Strip Tease (2:24)
24 Méditation Des Enfants (1:33)
25 La Vieille Meurt (0:46)