Zero 7 - Simple Things [2001]

Nacionalidad: US
Estilo: Downtempo, Future Jazz, Trip Hop
DSTG: Tosca
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 128Kbps.

It's a soulful mix of soul, jazz and electro. The vocals are great (although personally I'm not particularly fond of Sia Furler at certain moments) and the arrangements are right on the money for this type of "retro-techno" sound. I sometimes get confused if it's a smooth jazz combo trying to be electronic or an electronic group trying to be smooth jazz.

Song List :

1 I Have Seen (5:07)
Vocals - Mozez
2 Polaris (4:48)
3 Destiny (5:37)
Vocals - Sia Furler* , Sophie Barker
4 Give It Away (5:17)
5 Simple Things (4:24)
Vocals - Mozez
6 Red Dust (5:40)
7 Distractions (5:16)
Vocals - Sia Furler*
8 In The Waiting Line (4:32)
Vocals - Sophie Barker
9 Out Of Town (4:47)
10 This World (5:35)
Vocals - Mozez
11 Likufanele (6:11)
12 End Theme (3:39)
13 Salt Water Sound (5:30)
14 Spinning (6:03)
Vocals - Sophie Barker


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You can find a live show of Russian IDM artist Ambidextrous

I look forward to you upcoming posts

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Thanks; just know zero 7 recently & i really need this

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