Rockman - 8KB [2009]

Country: Colombia
Style: Electro, 8bits, Experimental, Dnb
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 160Kbps.

Ramiro andres navarro aka rockman (musician-artist) colombia started in music at the age of 10, having an academy and classical education, later he would continue his clarinet studies at the javeriana university in bogota, participating also in various classical music projects, and at the javeriana contemporary symphony orchestra he began playing in 1999, with different punk rock bands(voice-guitar-drums/empirical projects), and soon later got involved with digital hardcore and noise(digital horror), like so he started producing electronic music and drum n bass, and from 2002 he has been performing in several events and local digital and electronic festivals (bogotrax and art expos) at the same time has been completing his studies, in visual arts, at the ASAB (superior academy of arts at bogota). his art project is based in noise and 8 bit sounds, and consists in the composing of his own sequences directly on a classic nintendo gameboy. in the last few years he has had the opportunity to perform side by side some of the biggest dnb dj's that have visited colombia, including A SIDES, dj silver, dj basher,dj rolex, dj marky, isaak maya and zardonic, also performing at buenos aires ARGENTINA in 2007, for killer drums with dj rolex, and again this year next to bad boy arange and spectre, at +160 (http://www.mas160.com/agenda), as well in CHILE next to the ego at rewind, and caracas VENEZUELA july 09 (team galactik, old skull colective y delement productions) at present he produces professional drum n bass and has received great feedback from some of the best dnb producers, just got a review from KNOWLEDGE MAGAZZINE WWW.KMAG.CO.UK (biggest dnb magazine in the U.K.), and some of his tracks were signed by black reing recordings U.S.A., and ammunition recordings U.S.A sign "the radio menace" ROCKMAN ep (incoming august 09) and while other labes show recent interest in his work. By http://www.myspace.com/rockmanlab

Track listing :

1 A bit electric
2 Mad_n.e.s.
3 Gatt@ bianc@
4 d__b
5 X cero left
6 Play it loud
7 Monster rave (8BIT DNB)


IDMForums - Soundcheck Episode 1 [2010]

Country: -
Style: IDM
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

Really good Podcast. Check it out

Track listing :

Infrabuse: The Easter Egg

Jazzyspoon: Recherche

Fidelium: Hinode

IG88: Sore Eye Assist

Persiflage: 3:4:6:8

Abreaktor: Ripple

Julien Mier: Letter to Anna

Ambrary: You’re Warm

Apparent Symmetry: Lamentation

Innerfuze: Indo-woo

Cheapshot: Rush

Dr. Device: Vamorexnd

Monad: Bergen

Daniel C. Barker: Moodring

Urinefucker: Urine

Mindkontrolultra: Fireball


Nicolay - City Lights Vol. 2 - Shibuya [2009]

Country: US
Style: Electronic, Jazz
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 231Kbps.

This is an exceptional album from Nicolay, showing his further exploration into the Nujazz realm. The entire album has a cinematic feel, with a Japanese-tinged element all across the album. Most of the album is instrumental, with Carlitta Durand lending her wonderful voice to 4 of the tracks on the album. I in particular love the warm keyboards and synthesizers, which is reminiscent of Weather Report or even Hiroshima in the jazz fusion and funk jazz eras. I definitely recommend this album as it shows Nicolay's further musical progression and skills as a multi-instrumentalist, as well as an epic producer. Fans of the Foreign Exchange should definitely buy this album. As Phonte suggested in his blog, please buy the CD rather than downloading it from iTunes to help this artist recieve his fair recognition in album sales.

Track listing :

1 Lose Your Way 4:46
Featuring - Carlitta Durand
2 Shibuya Station 3:22
3 Crossing 2:10
4 Rain In Ueno Park 2:50
5 Satellite 2:41
6 Saturday Night 6:02
Featuring - Carlitta Durand
7 A Ride Under The Neon Moon 0:44
8 Omotesdando 3:07
9 Meiji Shrine 3:21
10 Shadow Dancing 2:54
11 The Inner Garden 2:32
12 Bullet Train 3:02
13 Wake Up In Another Life 3:46
Background Vocals - Victor St. Clair
Featuring - Carlitta Durand
14 Departure 2:21
15 Shibuya Epilogue 1:29
Featuring - Carlitta Durand