Nicolay - City Lights Vol. 2 - Shibuya [2009]

Country: US
Style: Electronic, Jazz
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 231Kbps.

This is an exceptional album from Nicolay, showing his further exploration into the Nujazz realm. The entire album has a cinematic feel, with a Japanese-tinged element all across the album. Most of the album is instrumental, with Carlitta Durand lending her wonderful voice to 4 of the tracks on the album. I in particular love the warm keyboards and synthesizers, which is reminiscent of Weather Report or even Hiroshima in the jazz fusion and funk jazz eras. I definitely recommend this album as it shows Nicolay's further musical progression and skills as a multi-instrumentalist, as well as an epic producer. Fans of the Foreign Exchange should definitely buy this album. As Phonte suggested in his blog, please buy the CD rather than downloading it from iTunes to help this artist recieve his fair recognition in album sales.

Track listing :

1 Lose Your Way 4:46
Featuring - Carlitta Durand
2 Shibuya Station 3:22
3 Crossing 2:10
4 Rain In Ueno Park 2:50
5 Satellite 2:41
6 Saturday Night 6:02
Featuring - Carlitta Durand
7 A Ride Under The Neon Moon 0:44
8 Omotesdando 3:07
9 Meiji Shrine 3:21
10 Shadow Dancing 2:54
11 The Inner Garden 2:32
12 Bullet Train 3:02
13 Wake Up In Another Life 3:46
Background Vocals - Victor St. Clair
Featuring - Carlitta Durand
14 Departure 2:21
15 Shibuya Epilogue 1:29
Featuring - Carlitta Durand


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