Jazzsteppa - Big Swing Sound [2009]

Country: UK
Style: Electro, Dubstep
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 224Kbps.

Using the full might of the brass section at their disposal, JazzSteppa make a charged up dubstep sound, wobbling atop swollen bass and hard snapping halfstep percussion that will put any soundsystem through it's paces, so there's no worry of them sounding like a flimsy live outfit. The Dub version mercifully dumps the vocals and steers the track in the direction of the DJ's with a nastier finish on the bass. Big with N-Types, Rich Reason, Joe Nice and Ruckspin.

Track listing :

A1 Big Swing Sound (5:07)
A2 Big Swing Dub (4:29)
B Taylor Rain (4:38)


Jazzsteppa - Five/AmeriCa B [2008]

Country: UK
Style: Electronic , Dubstep
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 279Kbps.

If you like the horn section on “Fat Freddy’s Drop” but always quite miss something on the bass tip, then these two new tracks Jazzsteppa cooked up, “Five” and “America B”, are definitely for you. The opening track “Five” is an infectious dancefloor banger, starting up slow only to develop into an epic bass-led club anthem. Then comes “America B” that slowly builds up pressure with the live horns that carry us all the way until it literally blows your head off, always with their trademark warm and ominous fog.

Track listing :

01 Five (5:43)
02 America B (4:35)
03 Five(Phokus Remix) (6:10)
04 America B (Jazzsteppa Tlv Mix) (4:22)



Fujiya and Miyagi - Electro Karaoke In The Negative Style [2002]

Country: UK
Style: Electronic, Experimental, Leftfield, Abstract
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Fujiya & Miyagi? A little bit Kraftwerk, a little bit Neu. They remind me of home."

Damo Suzuki, Can.

Fujiya & Miyagi formed not playing Sunday League football.

With playing talents described as, at best, enthusiastic, at worst, dangerous, Steve Lewis and David Best spent a lot of time warming the bench together. Chatting through their fourth straight home defeat of the season they discovered a shared interest in mid-seventies Krautrock and early-nineties electronica.

Track listing :

01 New Accounts Analysts (2:27)
02 Rot (3:55)
03 King Holer (1:46)
04 Simeone Slides (4:40)
05 Skinny Punk (3:05)
06 Tarr's White Collar (4:22)
07 Skeleton Phone Cover (1:43)
08 Uptight (3:59)
09 Diagrams (2:42)
10 Shake (3:27)
11 Electro Karaoke (7:09)
12 Lolalucamilla (2:00)


The REWIND Show VOL 4 @ DJ Rockman (Colombia)[2009]

Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 160Kbps.

Por primera vez THEEGO abre las puertas a un invitado en el show, en esta ocasión DJ ROCKMAN quien viene desde Colombia a presentarse en la próxima REWIND y nos regala un set de 30 minutos con algunas de sus producciones, varios dubplates y uno que otro track que te hará prender!.

Mas info en :
Drum n' Bass Chile



IDM Forums003 - Mind Tree [2009]

Country: -
Style: Electro, IDM
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

From start to finish, Mind Tree is an auditory journey that takes the listener through all walks of life.

Every possible emotion is touched upon: melancholy, anger, excitement, and happiness being just a few, and all of them are perfectly blended into a cross-genre compilation of only a fraction of the talented artists that contribute to IDM Forums.

This is not an electronic album to look over.

Mind Tree is the anticipated third release from IDM Forums, and continues their tradition of releasing mind-blowing music from up-and-coming electronic artists.

Track Listing :

01: Mosaic Mosaic - Irresolution (Solution)
02: Bitbasic - Fractal Pants
03: Sourone - Making Every Promise Empty
04: Ibunshi - Sipher
05: The Get - The Darkness
06: Permutated - Death Ray Nocturnal
07: Dfader - What Was Lost Can Never Be Found
08: tuneboxii - Feed The Keys
09: Sartre - The Great Elk
10: Son of Akira - Panhandler Interlude
11: Halogen - The Rocketeer
12: Pointblank - Keep Walking
13: Me+You - E Piano
14: IG-88 - Planet Parenthood
15: Jwilson - It Flickers Between The Endless
16: Altered Tensions - Things Change Swiftly
17: Atra Aeterna - When the World Ends

Download Pt 1

Download Pt 2


REWIND: 17 de abril, 2009

Promo REWIND: Viernes 17 de abril, 2009 from REWIND! on Vimeo.

REWIND no se detiene, y en abril presentamos a uno de los más destacados DJ/Productores de Colombia, ROCKMAN, quien presentara un set lleno de JUMP UP mezclado con los sonidos 8Bit de las consolas de video juegos de antaño.

La fiesta continua con la energía y los beats frenéticos de THEEGO y sus multifacéticos DJ sets, un warm up exclusivo con DUBSTEP de la mano de Bongmaster, el micrófono pertenece a MC JHARMADOquien llevara el MCing al maximo con una combinacion de rap y efectos espaciales (IMPERDIBLE!!). No le daremos tregua a tus pupilas, lasers, luces y las proyecciones deslumbrantes deFlash Attack (en las visuales).



-ROCKMAN desde COLOMBIA (Black Reign, USA, Pixel Party, Colombia)
-THEEGO (BluSaphir, Alemania, Irma Recs, Italia, 06S, Japón)
-BONGMASTER (Dubstep Warm Up)



FLASH ATTACK (Argentina)




$2.500 HASTA LA 1:00 A.M
$3.000 DESPUÉS



Filmado por:
Camilo Corbeaux
Diego Lazo

Editado por:
Camilo Corbeaux
Diego Fernández

Post Porducción:
Diego Fernández
Camilo Corbeaux
Gabriela Bourne

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