Jazzsteppa - Five/AmeriCa B [2008]

Country: UK
Style: Electronic , Dubstep
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 279Kbps.

If you like the horn section on “Fat Freddy’s Drop” but always quite miss something on the bass tip, then these two new tracks Jazzsteppa cooked up, “Five” and “America B”, are definitely for you. The opening track “Five” is an infectious dancefloor banger, starting up slow only to develop into an epic bass-led club anthem. Then comes “America B” that slowly builds up pressure with the live horns that carry us all the way until it literally blows your head off, always with their trademark warm and ominous fog.

Track listing :

01 Five (5:43)
02 America B (4:35)
03 Five(Phokus Remix) (6:10)
04 America B (Jazzsteppa Tlv Mix) (4:22)


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