Skream - Skream! [2006]

Country: UK
Style: Dub, Grime, Dubstep
Format: Mp3
VBR:44.1Khz, 212Kbps.

You have to pity poor Skream (or Olli Jones as he's known to his mum). Having had enough music stored away for several (ok - several hundred) albums, his dubstep debut arrives with a rather dull thud, obscured not only by the a handful of recent offerings (not least Burial's gorgeously deep outing), but also, ironically, by his own prodigous talent.

Having churned out the dubs at a rate of nots (and released the vastly superior Skreamizm series, also on Tempa), the album has a "will this do?" quality to it - any casual listener to his regular Rinse FM shows will know Jones can do so much better than the awkward jump-up of 'Kut-Off' or the non-descript 'Tortured Soul'.

Although it comes nowhere near the futuristic funk of 'Blipstream' or 'Lightning's feverish junglisms, 'Skream!' still contains some devestating delights for the dancefloor, even if few suprises. 'Dubbers Anonymous' is a brilliantly minimal low-end wobbler, worth the entrance fee alone.

Track listing :

1 Tortured Soul (4:18)
2 Midnight Request Line (3:56)
3 Blue Eyez (4:39)
4 Auto-Dub (2:50)
5 Check-It (4:12)
Vocals [Featuring] - Warrior Queen
Written-By - A. Henry*
6 Stagger (4:41)
7 Dutch Flowerz (4:21)
8 Rutten (6:32)
Flute - Adrian Revell
9 Tapped (3:38)
Vocals [Featuring] - JME (2)
Written-By - J. Adenuga*
10 Kut-Off (4:33)
11 Summer Dreams (7:58)
Trumpet - Martin Shaw
12 Colourful (5:13)
13 Emotionally Mute (Outro) (4:35)


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