UNKLE - End Titles... Stories for Film [2008]

Country: UK
Style: Electronic, Rock
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

Not the new UNKLE album then, but a collection of music recorded since the band finished War Stories two years ago. End Titles comprises their music for TV and film projects, with 10 of the tracks taken from a documentary about cult film director Abel Ferrara. Like their subjects' movies, the mood is sombre. After working with DJ Shadow and then Richard File, UNKLE mainstay James Lavelle is now in cahoots with Pablo Clements of the Psychonauts, though the shift from trip-hop to widescreen stoner rock made on War Stories is still holding firm. UNKLE are good at gothic bombast and when they pile on the strings they produce densely atmospheric pieces such as Cut Me Loose. Typically for an UNKLE project, guest stars abound and Ferrara himself croaks like Dylan on Open Up Your Eyes, which perhaps should have been left on the cutting-room floor.

Track listing :

1 End Titles (0:35)
2 Cut Me Loose (5:24)
3 Ghosts (4:57)
4 Ghosts (String Reprise) (0:39)
5 Kaned And Abel (1:04)
6 Blade In The Back (5:12)
7 Synthetic Water (1:06)
8 Chemical (2:48)
9 Nocturnal (5:01)
10 Cut Me Loose (String Reprise) (0:59)
11 Against The Grain (5:22)
12 Even Balance (0:45)
13 Trouble In Paradise (Variation On A Theme) (5:01)
14 Can't Hurt (4:13)
15 24 Frames (4:45)
16 In A Broken Dream (1:24)
17 Clouds (4:07)
18 Black Mass (3:08)
19 Open Up Your Eyes (2:43)
20 Romeo Void (2:11)
21 Heaven (6:58)
22 The Piano Echoes (5:24)


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