Autechre - Quaristice [2008]

Country: UK
Style: Abstract, IDM, Experimental, Ambient
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

It would be deathlessly simplistic to say that Autechre make dance music, like saying that Vivendi sells compact discs. While it's true that the English duo's sound is coincidentally rhythmic, it'd be more appropriate to hail them as the true Sound of the City. Just as 1995's Tri Repetae perfectly and pristinely captured the paranoid spirit of rapidly gentrifying urban areas—the soundtrack of homeless people pushed east, sodium streetlights casting an aura over rain-slick streets, and a deserted series of districts devoted part-time to factory-made toys, candy, and machine parts—their ninth and latest album, Quaristice, finely etches a glass metropolis with acid both nitric and hallucinogenic.

Track listing :

* Altibzz
* The Plc
* IO
* PlyPhon
* Perlence
* SonDEremawe
* Simmm
* paralel Suns
* Steels
* Tankakern
* rale
* Fol3
* fwzE
* 90101-5l-l
* bnc Castl
* Theswere
* Chenc9
* Notwo
* Outh9X


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