Kid606 - Kill Sounds Before Sounds Kill You

Country: Caracas, Venezuela; California,USA
Style: Glitch, Breakcore, Experimental
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.

This here pile of mentality is electronic mayhem for the bulk of its 52 minutes. The first four tracks hammer away at your auditory sensibilities with a constant barrage of bizarre stimulus: the roadrunner pops by, melees of reversing baselines flip around, mariachi bands appear, all manner of synthesizer molestation, drum and bass growls, reggae sounds, jungle drums, and old school hip-hop samples are assimilated. Anyone bored listening to this should qualify for a death certificate. Every noise Miguel "Kid 606" Depedro touches becomes irrevocably mangled and rearranged to complete nonsense and back to brilliance, completely reinventing the possibilities of sampling in the process. Not that the album is without a softer side. "Total Recovery Is Possible" is one bastard of a grating downbeat track and "If I Had A Happy Place This Would Be It" sounds exactly as I imagine someone injecting the world’s biggest Vitamin C fan with an overdose of heroin during their first ever listen of "Graduation" right before the first chorus, and then breaking apart said fan’s skull with a sledgehammer after C says "...times we had together" to feast upon the gooey nectar within (I wonder why my parents got called into school so much…). The finished product is a pillhead mindblower, excellent for all manner of after party and great for pissing off the neighbors. I can’t sit still listening to it, so you may want to lay off writing or painting when this is on but they’re your ears. Treat them wisely and shove this in ‘em!

Track listing :

1. The Illness (album mix)
2. Who Wah Kill Sound?
3. Andy Warhol Is Dead But We Still Have Hope
4. Ecstasy Motherfucker
5. Total Recovery Is Possible
6. Buckle Up
7. If I Had A Happy Place This Would Be It
8. Site Specific Sound Installation
9. Powerbookfiend
10. I Think I’m Alone Now
11. Woofer Wrecker
12. Parenthood


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