Rudebot - OxohYanh [2008]

Nacionalidad: España
Estilo: D n'B, Glitch
DSTG: DjShadow, Commmix
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

OxohYanh is a rare bug invented by Rodrigo Fernández Nielfa a.k.a. Rudebot, in his debut like producer… and the best of all is that we have the luck in escala to receive this fucking brilliant work. In this time, we expand the stylistic spectrum with a proposal more attractive, fresh and various in its conception. First work of this youth from Madrid that moves along the most devastating rhythms of the glitch or the drum´n´bass and the pleasant and dreamiest experimentation, leaving time to his own personal delirious. All a demonstration of good flavor and wisdom that does not leave place to doubts that we are in front a new value of the electronics music.

Song List :

1.- 01 Lords of Madness.
2.- 002 Overclockers.
3.- 0003 Artifacts.
4.- 00004 Mr. V.
5.- 000005 Sen sen no sen.
6.- 0000006 Radiofobia 26/04/86 Ucrania 1:23h (HFDamp feat. Rudebot).
7.- 00000007 Pixel Shared.


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