Swayzak - Dirty Dancing [2002]

Nacionalidad: Germany
Estilo: House, Synth-pop, Minimal
DSTG: Modul, Licuadora System
Formato: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 320kbps.

Being a huge fan of the Swayzak duo I was totally shocked when I heard this. Trashy synth-pop with very little innovation and awful lyrics. Quite far from the minimalism which Swayzak has been associated with or even quality synth-pop like Fischerspooner, Adult, Felix or DMX Krew. The change in orientation shouldn't have been a surprise - the Himawari release already pointed in this direction, altough it still retained a great deal of Swayzak trademark quality and style which went totally missing here. The only track worth mentioning is "I Dance Alone", but it is far too litle to justify purchasing this album. It would have been better if they had released this under another name and said: "This is our more commercial side. An experiment, really, just for fun". However, it looks as though I'm alone on this one.

Song List :

01 Make Up Your Mind (4:44)
Vocals - Clair Dietrich
02 Buffalo Seven (5:12)
Vocals - Kotai
03 In The Car Crash (6:10)
Vocals - Headgear
04 Celcius (5:52)
05 I Dance Alone (4:26)
Vocals - ADULT. , Carl A. Finlow
06 The Punk Era (3:55)
07 Halfway To Yesterday (3:12)
Vocals - March 21*
08 Take My Hand (4:34)
Vocals - Swayzak
09 Sob 1 (6:13)
Vocals - Clair Dietrich , Swayzak
10 Ping Pong (7:21)


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