Venetian Snares - Songs About My Cats [2001]

Nacionalidad: Canada
Estilo: Breakcore
DSTG: Igorrr, Hecate, DjHidden
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

This was the first Venetian Snares album I ever heard, and it is what got me hooked. From the first track, "Chinaski", with its soothing pads and organs decimated by complex glitchy beats, the album is a sublime mix of IDM, dissonance, jazz influences and just pure harshness, as in "Breakfast Time for Baboons" and "Fluff Master". All of the tracks have something unique about them, from the just plain weird hallucination-reminiscent "Nepetalactone" to the annoy-your-neighbours "Pouncelciot" with its heavy vocoded snares and cacophonous saxophones. All in all, this is one of Venetian Snares' best albums, if not the absolute best. Granted, it's not to everyone's taste due to its constant assault of high pitched noise, glitch and abuse of natural instruments (there is a faint obsession with piano throughout). If you're into abstract music or Venetian Snares in general, you have to give this a listen.

Song List :

1 Chinaski (4:21)
2 Katzesorge Part 1 (0:51)
3 Nepetalactone (4:27)
4 Zoor Kakarookee (6:04)
5 For Bertha Rand (2:08)
6 Breakfast Time For Baboons (3:24)
7 Fluff Master (6:12)
8 Bobo (3:56)
9 Katzesorge Part 2 (0:51)
10 Pouncelciot (3:10)
Saxophone - Mark Kaminsky
11 Kakenrooken Stivlobits (4:43)
12 Lioness (2:04)
13 Cleaning Each Other (3:51)
14 Look (0:31)


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