Venetian Snares - The Chocolate Wheelchair Album [2003]

Nacionalidad: Winnipeg, Canada
Estilo: Breakcore
DSTG: Bong Ra
Formato: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

This is by far VS' greatest compositional accomplishment, bar "Rossz" (a completely different style altogether). Putting really great mixing and production (for it's time) behind odd time signatures, like 5/4s and 7/4s, and a truly crossover style blending ragga, jazz, "classic" (80's rock) drum n bass, and even things so far stylistically removed (though conceptually related) as ska-punk (see Track 01: Abomonation Street, for which he sampled X-Ray Spex' "Oh Bondage Up Yours!"). All of this is crammed into great dance record, which is party focussed without letting the technically minded down, and creating a great "best of both worlds" release for those who appreciate both glitch and breakcore.

Song List :

1 Abomination Street (4:22)
2 Too Young (3:02)
3 Langside (3:52)
4 Einstein-Rosen Bridge (3:36)
5 Hand Throw (5:03)
6 Epidermis (4:42)
7 Ghetto Body Buddy (4:46)
8 Sky Painted On Car (5:15)
9 Marty's Tardis (9:17)
10 Herbie Goes Ballistic (5:13)


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