Freaks Amour - Regressive Music For Mind And Body [1989]

Country: US
Style: Noise, Experimental
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

FREAKS AMOUR, REGRESSIVE MUSIC FOR THE MIND AND BODY, ON NART RECORDS (NART #9001) USA 1989. An incredible use of sound, mind numbing weirdness, but not in your face, kinda like Third Ear Band freaks out! Would'nt you know there from Connecticut, remember Cro-Magnon, I wonder, no it couldn't be them, but perhaps their children, who knows? All I know is it works, Smegma like, but not over the top zanyness, these guys know how to caress the air with swiss cheese and make a nest out of a Wombats arm pit..
Definitions: Regressive - A stone-age approach to music, grungy, simplistic noise, best when improvised.

NART: That which is not art.

Cello, Piano [Toy Piano], Voice - Rich Vaughan
Electric Guitar - Grant Miller
Sampler [Sampled Voice & Guitar], Other [Found Objects, Screech], Bass Guitar, Violin - Stuart Werner

Song List :

A1 Sleep (7:51)
A2 Mother F", Incidentally (6:21)
A3 Sneaky Weasel (2:12)
A4 Where Is It At, You Say? (2:14)
A5 Lavalamp (2:45)
B1 Live Radio Feedback (6:31)
B2 Disposable Car (5:30)
B3 The Square (4:36)
B4 Noisy Mersey (4:24)


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