The Bloody Beetroots - I Love The Bloody Beetroots [2008]

Country: US
Style: Acid Electro, Letouch
DSTG: Justice
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 224Kbps.aprox.

Imagine the love child of the Misfits and Daft Punk; the act of conception would be grisly, but what a mighty offspring their union would generate. A formidable figure a la Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, the polymath and producer behind the Bloody Beetroots.

While Bloody Beetroots burst on to the scene in 2007, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo did not spring forth from the godhead fully formed. Born in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, in 1977, our hero started young, studying classical...

Song List :

1.Mac Mac
2.Pour Un Rasage De Très Près Et Un Confort Absolu!!
3.Harvest Time
4.Ezekiel Eats Red Hoodie
6.Public Enemy
7.Rotten Pick 2007
8.I Love The Bloody Beetroots
9.Bluto Fucks Popeye


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