V.A - Ad Noiseam Label Sampler Summer [2009]

Country: Germany
Style: DnB, Breakcore, Experimental, Ambient, and other.
Format: Mp3
VBR: 44.1Khz, 152kbps-259Kbps.

There’s no better way to get to know a label then through its own selection of tracks picked to showcase its catalog. And what more can one ask for, when such a compilation is free. And if you purchase anything directly from the Berlin based Ad Noiseam, you get a free CDr copy. Featuring 16 tracks from the label releases, the artist roster includes all of my favorites: The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Detritus, DJ Hidden, Cardopusher, Somatic Responses, The Teknoist, Mad EP, Funckarma, and many others. Since the label is known for a range of experimental electronic music, this grab bag includes dark ambient, industrial, drum’n'bass and other genres.

Track listing :

1. The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble "Embers" - taken from "Here Be Dragons"
2. Detritus "Borderlines" - taken from "Things That Could Have Gone Wrong"
3. DJ Hidden "The Traveller" - taken from "The Words Below"
4. Raoul Sinier "The Hole" - taken from "Tremens Industry"
5. Broken Note "Let 'Em Hang" - taken from "Let 'Em Hang / Meltdown"
6. Mothboy "Beg" taken from "Beg / Movement"
7. Cardopusher "Low End Legacy" - taken from "Unity Means Power"
8. Somatic Responses "Reformation" - taken from "Reformation"
9. Larvae "Turning Around" - taken from "Loss Leader"
10. Math Head "Terror Inc" - taken from "Stab City"
11. The Teknoist Full Metal Teknoist - taken from "Like A Hurricane Made Of Zombies"
12. Cdatakill "Imperial Passage (remixed by Abelcain)" - taken from "Passage"
13. Sickboy "Time To Play" - taken from "Time To Play"
14. Funckarma "Nays Of Dight" - taken from "Dubstoned vol. 2"
15. Mad EP feat. Puppetmastaz "Clones (remix)" - taken from "Bass.hed"


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