The Management - Climbing the new lows [2005]

Country: Middletown, Connecticut, US
Style: Indie Rock, Exerimental, Synthpop
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 192Kbps.

Climbing to New Lows was a demo album that inadvertently became the first full album release from MGMT, at the time known as The Management. It was their last release as The Management. In 2004, the group had changed their name to MGMT and signed on with Cantora Records for their first official release, the Time to Pretend (EP) on August 30, 2005. Climbing to New Lows was intended only as a demo album that leaked on to the Internet in 2005. It featured some tracks from their self-released We (Don't) Care EP in 2004.

Track listing :

1.Intro (Christmas From Space)
2.We Care
3.Money to Burn
4.Hot Love Drama
5.The Kids Quartet
6.Kids (Afterschool Dance Megamix
7.Honey Bunny
10.We Don't Care


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