Inmontauk - Isla EP [2008]

Country: Chile
Style: Dub, Minimal, Ambient
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.
Site: myspace.com/inmontaukmusic

Ismael Palma Lamperein is a young chilean and musical composition student. Since a child he has been interested in several expressions and modern ways of music composition, specially in experimental electronic music. His work shows a wide range of influences of sonic experimentation, from IDM, ambient, to even electroacoustic music, with a clean, sharp and sweet sound, but also digital and glitch. Following this line, Isla EP, Ismael's debut, shows a wide variety of interesting sounds and textures.

Track listing :

1 Piroxilina (5:02)
2 La Transición (4:10)
3 Impulses (4:43)
4 Paréntesis (1:53)
5 Row (5:53)
6 Uno (4:14)
7 La Transición (Danieto Remix) (5:50


1 comentario:

-nico- dijo...

Me gusta la musica electrónica pero otro estilo, lo que escuhe de tu EP me gusto, me recordó Air por la pelicula Virgenes Suicidas, lo único que le faltaria a mi parecer (segun mis gustos obviamente) es que sea algo mas "oscura" como Portishead o Massive Attak... trip hop! Asi como piroxilina pero con sonidos mas graves!!