Crystal Antlers - Tentacles [2009]

Country: Canada
Style: Indie Rock, Experimental
Format: Mp3
CBR: 44.1Khz, 256Kbps.

Has any rock band in history been more in love with the whine of an organ than Crystal Antlers? On the SoCal six-piece's debut, Victor Rodriguez's buzzing, shrieking organ chords are pushed to the front of the mix — the heroic voice that arcs above the band's riotous guitar-bass-drums clamor. Songs like "Dust" and the bluesy "Andrew" evoke late-Sixties garage rock, but there are hints of other styles: German krautrock, Japanese noise rock and, in "Until the Sun Dies (Part One)," the free-jazz eruptions of late-period Coltrane. It's unclear what frontman Jonny Bell is caterwauling about, but it scarcely matters. The vocals are just another sound bubbling up through the thick sonic stew — the "lead singer" here is the organ.

Track listing :

1 Painless Sleep
2 Dust
3 Time Erased
4 Andrew
5 Vapor Trail
6 Tentacles
7 Until The Sun Dies (Part 1)
8 Memorized
9 Glacier
10 Foot Of The Mountain
11 Your Spears
12 Swollen Sky
13 Several Tongues


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